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Go with Checks with Luisa Rossi

Go with Checks with Luisa Rossi

Checks for Every Style and Occasion

Say yes to check! Are you among the check aficionados? Have you worn it all winter and now you have to reluctantly put it away, on the occasion of the wardrobe change? Coming from the British mood of recent days in England, we give you some good news. This spring all divergent kind of beloved different checks  known as gingham, Madras and Tartans are in touch with our hearts and does not abandon us even for this season, it dresses in spring and does so in the brightest colors and pastel shades.

And what more festive way to celebrate the advent of spring than with some check style?



Check out how Luisa Rossi, swiss based with Italian roots, most friendly and authentic stylist, big By Adushka client and our friend, wearing and styles this delightful check items for this Spring Summer 2022 season.



A small briefing about Checks:

Gingham: The world actually derives from the Malay word genngham, meaning "separate" or "ajar" and refers to striped woven cottons native to Southeast Asia. Over years as it was imported into Europe and then produced in British mills inspired by Scottish plaids and tartans, the stripe evolved into a check, and the world hasn’t looked back since. Now the humble check has graduated from mere picnic print and British schoolgirl uniform and is patterning everything from our Phisique du Role cool Trousers to the masculine Jackets and oversized Shirt all made in the family running Carpi based manufacture.



We're talking of one of the most colourful trends that rocked the fashion world -the Madras checks, which has defied its very humble beginnings as a handkerchief, to rule casual wear (men and women) the world over. And though back home many still dismiss this trend, saying `lungi prints' (it's seen as a mass phenomenon; remember RK Laxman's iconic Common Man in a Madras Jacket?

Fashionistas from Paris to Milan, New York to London love the Madras checks, or plaids, as they are often referred to as. But since the unsung is always hero, especially when it comes to fashion, the Madras plaid has always been an object of fascination as the exotic East element for the Englishmen, who incidentally, were also the ones who discovered it, and exported it to the world. Deborah Thiagarajan, from Dakshina Chitra museum, explains the origins:


 “Real Madras handkerchief was a 36-inch square of checked loomed fabric, mainly exported to Nigeria. We began exporting it in the 1990s to England, which was then sent to Nigeria. It was one of our major exports during that time. While the exports saw a drop in between, it picked up a couple of decades later. Then, it saw a transformation through Tamil Nadu lungis. It has seen several revivals since then."



Plaid vs Checks: what's the difference?

Various types of plaid and checks can be found in every wardrobe, but few of us know the difference between a buffalo check and a tartan plaid. In fact, many designers use the terms “plaid” and “check” interchangeably, but these are two totally different types of surface patterns.

Plaid and checkered patterns are both stacked and square, but here’s how they are fundamentally different. The term plaid refers to patterns inspired by Scottish “tartan” plaids. Tartans were the original type of plaid, but today we have several dynamic variations. Modern-day plaids consist of crossed horizontal and vertical lines of two or more colors; but unlike tartans, the plaids don’t have to be perfectly even– meaning vertical stripes patterns don’t have to match the horizontal stripe patterns. Plaids have many variations of bandwidths, repeat, and colors.



Luisa Rossi's Tips

  • You can wear the all over tartan if you like the theme and don't want to think about how to match it.

  • If you love experimentation, dare to mix and match different checks: combining patchwork dresses, mini and midi skirts, trouser suits with coats, jackets, blouses, magically brought together.

  • A trench coat or a checked coat paired with a single-color outfit will give you a trendy allure without exaggeration.

  • Coordinate this look with footwear buys through chunky loafers and evergreen white sneakers. 

Here is a roundup of By Adushka & Luisa Rossi proposals to inspire you and help you in your choice.  



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