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Join us in our Plant a Tree initiative

With every order, a tree takes root. We're not just selling garments; we're cultivating a greener planet.

Your tree will be planted as a part of the Eden Reforestation Project currently active in Honduras. To amplify our commitment, throughout this week, an additional tree will be planted upon your order. This week is not about great deals; it's about contributing to a greener planet.

Check out our impact so far and join our journey!

Sustainable Practices

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond rhetoric. We embrace recycling—giving paper and carton a second life. For national deliveries, we've kicked plastic to the curb, using kickbags as part of an ongoing project to shrink our carbon footprint. Plastic has no place in our packaging; our ByAdushka collection is wrapped in eco-friendly paper.

Cleaner Fashion

We meticulously assess our materials and collaborate closely with our production partners to actively diminish waste, curtail natural resource consumption, and incorporate eco-friendly fabrics.

Organic Cotton

At ByAdushka, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, and that's why our Organic Tina T-shirts and curated brands like Anaak and Moismont feature the finest organic cotton. Choosing organic cotton isn't just about creating softer and more breathable garments; it's our way of championing environmental responsibility, promoting soil health, and ensuring fair labor practices across our supply chain.

With every stitch, we aim to deliver not just fashion, but a conscious and responsible choice that aligns with our values and contributes to a greener future.

Renewed Materials

We are proud to present brands that embody the essence of sustainable fashion through renewed materials and upcycling. Elle Remodelista transforms discarded materials into fashion statements, while Kyoto Vintage Warehouse curates exquisitely refined vintage kimonos and gives them a new life, and 16ème Sud crafts unique pieces from reclaimed materials.

These brands redefine style by emphasizing the importance of renewing materials, contributing to a circular fashion economy, and aligning with our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Reduced Water Usage

We are deeply committed to minimizing our water footprint, a dedication evident in the thoughtfully curated selections within our store. Happy Haus is actively involved in the SAVEtheWATER® project. Their innovative processes have remarkably cut water and energy consumption by approximately 90%, significantly lowered CO2 emissions, and successfully eliminated harmful pollutants.

Similarly, brands like Injiri and Kleed are steadfastly progressing toward utilizing non-chemical dyes for their exclusive prints.

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