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The face behind the brand

ByAdushka was founded by Karin Kämpf, who worked in the fashion industry for over two decades before setting up her own business in 2020. The trigger was a devastating fire in a textile factory in Bangladesh.

It was clear to Karin that she wanted to focus on sustainable fashion and conscious consumption from then on, without sacrificing style, uniqueness and quality.

This is how the idea for ByAdushka was born, first as an online shop and for the past two years with shops in Zurich, Basel, Baden and Bern.

Female empowerment and sustainability are at the heart of ByAdushka. Each piece has its own story and Karin maintains regular contact with the designers behind the sophisticated products. She chooses them consciously and tells her customers about their missions, which are in line with ByAdushka's values.

It is important to Karin to encourage women all over the world to express their creativity in fashion. In doing so, ByAdushka relies on traditional craftsmanship and techniques, non-toxic fibres, natural dyes, recycled vintage fabrics and fair wages throughout the production chain, especially to encourage women's independence and influence in the fashion industry.

ByAdushka sees itself as a mediator between the people who produce and those who buy and wear the clothes. The aim is also to teach customers about responsible and conscious consumption in an exciting environment.