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Sorbet Island

Experience Sorbet Island, an oasis where each creation encapsulates the spirit of enchanting getaways and perpetual sunshine. Handcrafted with care by a dedicated team of Greek artisans under the guidance of founder Sophia Mamas, Sorbet Island draws inspiration from the tranquil Aegean scenery, infusing every piece with radiant energy and timeless vibrancy. From bespoke packaging to whimsical details, each item mirrors our dedication to inclusivity, authenticity, and positivity.

In the pursuit of celebrating feminine beauty in all its forms, Sorbet Island's swimsuits are meticulously designed to flatter various sizes and body types, crafted from premium polyester and elastane blend. Every piece is meticulously crafted, woven, and stitched in Greece, using European-sourced raw materials.

Embark on a voyage of love and exploration, as seen in leading fashion publications like Vogue and Elle. Welcome to Sorbet Island - where each creation narrates a tale of blissful moments and meaningful connections.

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