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My Sleeping Gypsy

Inspired by the Ukrainian tale of Vyshyvanka's dress, which passes from mother to daughter to protect her, the creations of My Sleeping Gypsy Dress are designed to bring good luck and protect the wearer from negative influences. In a great blend of Slavic heritage and contemporary influences, the luxurious creations of My Sleeping Gypsy combine imaginary realms with the real world.

Each creation of My Sleeping Gypsy requires weeks of work and thousands of meters of embroidery, steeped in stories representing Slavic culture and its deep spiritual meaning. Each model is individually handcrafted in the heart of Kiev, using a conscious selection of animal-free materials. My Sleeping Gypsy uses only luxurious, natural materials such as linen and silk.

My Sleeping Gypsy is an experimental studio where art and fashion merge together. Here contemporary artists meet traditional craftsmen to create timeless clothing that looks unique, yet is easy to wear. The aim is to keep old traditions and craftsmanship alive. My Sleeping Gypsy knows every seamstress and craftsman who works for the brand personally. The fashion label cares about the people and the environment in which the designers work. My Sleeping Gypsy buys materials locally and, at the same time, supports small craft communities. 


Watch the exclusive interview with Angela Hertault, founder of My Sleeping Gyspsy

My Sleeping Gypsy