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If I seem familiar to you it’s because my picture is all over our invitations and stationery :)

The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m a super BOHONISTA, just like you. I love bold colors, unique styles and intricate designs.

My absolute favourite thing to do is to unleash my creativity by mixing and matching vintage goodies with modern must haves.

I’m just so grateful for trees - thanks to them, I get to drink clean water everyday, thousands of people have jobs, our wild animals have a safe habitat and so much more.

I’m quite outspoken (but not mean!) on topics that are important to me like kindness, ethical fashion and respect for all living things.

I believe that together we can create a greener and more vibrant future - one stitch at a time.



I treat myself to secret hideaways whenever I can to reconnect with Me and disconnect from the rest of the world.

I want to know the story behind the clothes I wear and the accessories I use. The Who. The Where. The Why.

I need to feel comfortable otherwise I get cranky.

"I'm the ultimate hostess - my house is always open and ready for company! We vibe to the best tunes, eat delicious homemade meals and share stories all night long.

I’m so glad you’re still here!

Now let me tell you what I hope to do for you.

I want to inspire you to:

  • See beyond the norms

  • Buy clothes you’d never thought you could pull off in a million years

  • Enjoy wearing vibrant colors

  • Stand out from the crowd with confidence

  • Wear designers you’ve never seen or heard of anywhere else

  • Sport your yellow furry (animal friendly) slides no matter the temperature outside

  • Get what you want

  • Help the planet be more green

  • Express your uniqueness loud and clear without apology

  • Bring your guy friend and introduce him to something new. By Adushka is not just for women!

I’ve dressed so many of you already!

Before you turn the page, I want to send a big shout out to all my friends in Switzerland, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles and Dubai and all the other beautiful places I’m not mentioning because the list is too long.

With love,
Addi and the ByAdushka Team