Our story

By Adushka is a global online store for luxurious, sustainable fashion and design. It was born from the desire to offer established brands and emerging talents from around the world with a focus on craftsmanship, detail, consistency and international inspiration, to a consciously consumer, style-conscious quality and fashion-loving client with a sophisticated taste.

By Adushka offers bohemian and classic, vintage inspired and artisanal clothing and accessories, some of which are one-of-a-kind made with rare high quality authentic fabrics sourced from around the world. Using old traditions in fashion and cultural heritage, most of our clothes are made by artisans, paid fairly and honestly while still living in their local communities - India, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Italy, Ukraine, London, New York, Bangladesh.

Our focus is high quality, functional design and freedom from body size and beauty stereotypes. By Adushka mission is to empower women and give them freedom to dress and be as they want. We offer a mix of international new and established labels, luxurious and limited edition clothing and accessories, which are made with love for our planet, passion for storytelling, using traditional artisanal skills, authentic fabrics and raw materials.

The story of By Adushka begins in 2020 when a team of fashion specialists and fashion enthusiasts decides to join forces with our more than 30 years of experience in the fashion business and competence in the areas of style and quality to create an incomparable online shopping experience and thus create a unique universe.




What makes By Adushka so unique?

The people behind the name By Adushka are committed to sharing the values that are close to their hearts. High standards in the selection of the collections with a focus on rare pieces with excellent craftsmanship. Sophisticated staging of the collections and communication of an individual lifestyle. We stand for excellent customer service and fast and reliable delivery to more than 120 countries. What forms the most important foundation of the company is our enthusiasm for fashion and customer proximity.



Karin Kämpf, Founder and CEO of By Adushka