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How to integrate new By Adushka items into your closet

How to integrate new By Adushka items into your closet

We are talking to Lisa-Marie Armstrong - our client, friend and a sustainable stylist & mindset shifter - who shares her useful styling tips and show us how to integrate new items into our still existing closet in a very personal way in order to reflect who we are.



About her

Lisa-Marie Armstrong has been obsessed with style and its power to transform a person since she was a child. She began her career as a model and studied fashion design. Before becoming an image consultant she worked as a manager in luxury retail for the houses of Dior, Valentino and Anne Fontaine. Since 2012 she has been working as an image consultant, helping women develop beautiful closets that uplift and inspire them to be their best version. Her move into sustainable fashion came in 2017 when she experienced a massive ‘closet meltdown’- a closet full of 800+ garments....and nothing to wear. She vowed to never consume fashion mindlessly again and founded the Sustainable Style Academy in 2021 to help others buy, wear and pass on clothing in a conscious way. Her favourite thing is helping others discover what it means to wear their true style.

You can find Lisa-Marie at and at @sustainablestyleacademy on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares her knowledge on sustainability and style. Make sure to sign up for her newsletter and find out about some of the amazing courses she has coming up!



"Build Your Style From Within"

"Style comes from within you.
It’s not something that you get by copying other people or following the beat of fashion trends.
It’s not something that someone else can style you into.
No ‘makeover’ is going to give you style. (Nope.)

Finding your style comes by taking a journey into the depths of your heart.
It’s a reflection of who you’ve been, who you are and who you’re going to become.
It’s a communication. It’s telling others about what you are and what you want.
It’s a form of self-respect: because people with real style don’t allow others to dictate to them what they have to wear in order to be accepted.
The ones who really understand style, know how to use it to influence and get to where they want to go.


Style can show that you belong to something bigger. It’s memorable.



It can draw people to you and it can push people away from you.
And this is good, because we don’t need to waste our time with people that don’t serve us.




Think of all the famous people with iconic style: Jackie Kennedy. Marilyn Monroe. Lady Gaga. Iris Apfel.
And then there are also those with style that you might not think of as a style icon- but who, none the less, have an acute sense of purposeful style such as Angela Merkel.

Oh yes. That is style too.


Style tells the story of where you’re at in your life. It can tell a story about how you’re feeling about the world AND how you’re feeling about yourself.


You can choose to hide in it or you can choose to stand out in it. It can make you and a lack of it can break you.

Discovering your own style is a process. It requires time. It doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t copy it from someone else. I tried that once- and it didn’t work.

But don’t worry. You have it. You might already be using it, or maybe you’re in the process of waking it up. Coax it out of you and be courageous enough to allow it to do the good things for you that it can!



So how do you start finding it? How can you find your own style? You need to know these three things:

  1. Who are you, really? Deep within, who are you? One thing I can tell you is that you are FAR more than you might think you are.

  2.  What do you really want in life? What’s your passion? Does your clothing reflect this?

  3. How are you going to become that person? Do you have a plan? Are you acting on your thoughts or are you letting them come and go without taking steps to get yourself there?

    If you want to become ANYTHING, you have to Do. Be a Do’er. And because I’m sure you ARE doing, are you wearing clothes that reflect your intentions?

    Because that is what people who have style do: they wear their clothing with intention. No matter what it is that they’re doing. Whether it’s sleeping, lounging, brunching, dating, working, shopping or crazy hardcore partying- everything they wear is worn with intent and purpose. And it reflects who they are perfectly. Without a doubt.

    And so now that you know the most important questions to ask yourself, you can begin the process of developing yours that reflects all of the amazing things that you are.

    Because you are Amazing."

    - Lisa-Marie Armstrong


    Style starts from within and presents itself outward. Begin with yourself.





    Wonderful words, right? We hope that this beautiful thought of our Lisa-Marie will always remain in your heart. Stay up to date on our blog and subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly sustainable style tips from Lisa-Marie!






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