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Phisique du Role Spring Summer 2022

Phisique du Role Spring Summer 2022

Phisique du Role is so something of mutable, of fluid

Fashion is constantly changing over time, it passes through the years, it transforms, in the same way that people change, the new replaces the old, it enriches and then changes and changes again. And Phisique du Role in the same way is constantly changing, as the designer Alessandra Bellelli explains.



A continuous evolution leading to an enchanting result...



"Phisique du Role is so something of mutable, of fluid. I myself am a "changeable" person, not in the sense of being moody, but a person who draws inspiration from the outside, who makes "new things" her own, who sees in a different light what surrounds her or what she did not see before."


Even the starting mood board at the beginning of a new season is well defined, starting with the main inspiration and then opting for an image and a colour palette, but then it develops, "it's like a child growing up and at the beginning he likes to play some games but when he grows up he obviously doesn't. He's still that person though, with the same name and his DNA."



And it is precisely this DNA of Phisique du Role that always remains the same, it is a pillar around which the various collections are then created. The company is located in Carpi, a textile district of Italian excellence for over 50 years. Their production is completely made in Italy, as the raw materials are from Italian companies and when they are not, they are dyed or processed in Italy at km 0 exclusively in the district, so that the origin of the fibre can be traced. A lot of attention is paid to sustainability, raw materials of natural origin are preferred, and if artificial or synthetic recycled, and the suppliers all have green certifications and implement sustainability policies. Most garments are also shipped folded and without hangers, drastically reducing the environmental impact of packaging, an established practice in Europe and worldwide.

Everything changes, but the brand philosophy remains firmly in place


"Producing quality garments is our flag, buying fewer but long-lasting garments is definitely a green act. Sensitizing the end consumer in this direction is our basic philosophy."



Each collection has its own story to tell 

One of our best-selling brands has once again surprised us with an original and colorful collection. With this new release, designer Alessandra Bellelli wanted to go back in time, as the name of the collection "Time Travelers" suggests. Speaking about Summer 2021 it all started with the posters of Alain Deron and Romy Schneider for "La Piscine", a psychological thriller film directed by Jacques Deray - it always starts with the main inspiration which then evolves into a real story to be told through the clothes in the collection, becoming almost a kind of film. 

Whereas last summer, in such a difficult year for everyone, the designer thought about where she wanted to be and the first place that came to mind was Porto dei Principi in Sorrento. It all started with a print of a tile of the Hotel Design "Parco dei Principi" by the architect Gio Ponti - hence the presence of the recurring colour blue in the new collection. 



An iconic woman was then chosen to represent the collection, Virna Lisi: blonde, dishevelled, always in a hurry - she crosses Italy to get to Porto dei Principi. She is untidy, but always well-groomed, wearing a beautiful piece of clothing, which seems to have been taken at the last moment but fits her perfectly. She ends on a high note drinking the quintessential Italian aperitif, Campari, with Marco Ianni - hence the inspiration for the Campari red colour in Phisique du Role's new collection.






What are you waiting for to take a look at the brand's new collection and let yourself be transported back in time? Let yourself be enveloped by the softness of the high quality made in Italy fabrics of Phisique du Role.



Wear the look you like and daydream about the beauty and simplicity of life. 



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