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Spring Wardrobe, Winter Cold

Spring Wardrobe, Winter Cold

How to wear spring clothes when it's still cold outside

Hello dear friends of By Adushka, surely you have already discovered that the first great spring pieces have arrived! Soon the magnolias will be in bloom and we'll want to break free from our heavy winter wardrobes, while still glimpsing the snow-capped mountains in the distance. But how can we integrate these pieces into our winter wardrobe in these first cold and gray weeks of the year? It's simple: layering is the magic word!



Layers are your friends...



Layers kept us warm in the winter, and layers will help us transition from winter to spring too - especially when the weather is so unreliable.


How to layer for spring

Layer a thin sweater under a pretty spring dress, or wear a fresh favorite spring blouse with an extra layer over it, such as a sweater vest. You can use it to delightfully play and break with masculine and feminine looks.




Spring color change

Speaking of color, it's still possible to wrap yourself in cozy knits that will keep you warm while giving a subtle hint of the new spring season. Put the deeper and darker pieces in the back of your closet and replace them with pieces in the cheerful colors of high-quality knits by Phisique du Role from Carpi Reggio Emilia. The designer Allesssandra Bellelli has taken over the brand from the typical original knitting factory of her mother and now continues it as one of the highest quality Italian design brands with excellent value for money with great success and love and passion.  




Replace your heavy coat with a lighter jacket

And don't forget the most important layer of all - the outer layer! 
Now is a great time to slowly weed out YOUR heavy winter coat. Opt now for a lighter spring coat from Momonì or Phisique du Role and enjoy the highest Italian design and workmanship. If you're not quite ready for a shorter jacket shape or if you opt for the latter, remember to stock up on an extra cardigan or sweater and bring along a wonderfully soft cashmere scarf for extra warmth. 



Spring prints and patterns

Just like our earlier advice to keep some of your Fall Winter favorites but go for brighter colors, choosing heavier pieces with more spring-like patterns is a great first step to transition into the new season. Wear your timeless Suzani Coat now over jeans or linen pants, over your knitted suit or over a dress and carry on the history and heritage of the rich Eastern European heritage. Wear it with pride and great style over anything and everything. This is upcycling fashion with style and coolness. 


Scarves are so important

Scarves are perfect to take with you in case of an accidental rain shower, or when the weather turns much colder after you've optimistically left the house in a spring dress. They're also great for adding a little pop of color to an otherwise dark and wintry outfit, instantly upgrading it and making it ready for the new season. 
We recommend our The Key Tō Dean purest cashmere scarf in bright, timeless, neutral and plush colors light pink and sand. The most beautiful way to wear it is as a set or with our noble fine V-neck Cashmere Sweater.
The best way to wear it is as a set with our oversized v-neck sweater made of the finest cashmere yarn, which comes from one of the last private farms of only one flock of cashmere goats and is then knitted with unique skill in Thuringia's oldest, traditional cashmere factory in Germany. A purchase for life and for the soul. Pure harmony and well-being. 



Light pockets and accessories for spring

Color plays an important role here, too. Your black Fall Winter accessories might be a little too harsh for your new spring color palette full of fresh color palettes. That's why we suggest you invest in lighter colored timeless bags from our own label By Adushka, such as taupe or cream, to give spring an instant update.  These gorgeous timeless leather bags are made with love in a family-run factory in Bergamo and will go with any outfit.
Or if you share with us the love for handcrafted pieces, opt for one of the very special handmade bags from the label Woyoyo from Georgia and experience how wood can feel like silk and combine with knitting techniques in perfection.
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