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The colors of Nature

The colors of Nature

The color of ocean and sky, blue is a constant and calming influence in our world

According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for Spring/Summer 2022 New York reflect our aspiration for balance as we move through a changing landscape. A diverse and distinctive range of colors connects our need for calm, clarity, security satisfy and comfort with free-spirited optimism, a feeling of new liberation and joyful adventure.

Check how our designers translate the color Blue in her collections and dive with By Adushka in the deep, calm blue of the ocean...



Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time



Symbolism, meaning and physical effects of blue

While blue conjures images of sky and sea, it’s also the color of bravery and dedication. Blue represents introspective journeys and symbolizes wisdom and depth of understanding. But blue is also a symbol of depression and the depths of the human psyche. Blue stands for serenity, rather than passion, and it’s the color of all that’s constant and unchanging.

On the Paris runways the one of the ‘It’ colors of the season was bright blue (see Stella McCartney and Courrèges), and street stylers definitely got the memo, because this electrifying hue popped up literally everywhere. Blue is the color of nature - and in a world where we spend more and more time online, blue reinstates the beauty and endless strength of nature. More to the point, various shades of blue such as the two paler tones referred to as Spun Sugar and Glacier Lake are reminiscent of the blue surgical masks that we are all two familiar with because we were wearing them or watching them. In a sense, the spring/summer 2022 color palette is self-contradictory as it envelops quiet tones as well as bold colors - acts of defiance— where the more energetic colors shine bright as if to lift your spirits high celebration of rebirth.



There’s a reason we think of blue as relaxing; it actually tends to lower our heart rates, blood pressure, and even our body temperature. Blue can have an effect on the pituitary gland, affecting our sleep patterns, and it can slow our breathing as well. Studies of memory have demonstrated that memory is enhanced by blue light.




Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed. The color of ocean and sky, blue is a constant and calming influence in our world.



Positive Associations

The aqua and turquoise found in Caribbean waters typically engender positive feelings, and the blue of police officers’ uniforms call to mind protection, bravery, and loyalty. Blue is associated with peaceful rest, profound insight, and spiritual realization. Professional uses of blue carry connotations of stability, wisdom, and serenity.



What are you waiting for? Take a look at By Adushka's New Arrivals in various shades of blue, ranging from royal blue to navy to light blue to indigo. We are madly in love with these pieces!








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