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The perfect Christmas Gift guide

The perfect Christmas Gift guide

Christmas Gifts for Women: Unique Accessories for the Perfect Christmas Season

How do you find perfect Christmas gifts for women? A perfect gift is beautiful, creative, personal and best of all unique. To help you give truly original Christmas gifts for your best friend, your mother or your colleague, we have put together this guide for you. Here you will find ideas for Christmas Gifts that that will make you give pure emotions to your loved ones, especially since in this guide all items are sustainable and fairly produced.



Christmas is just around the corner and the question of great Christmas gifts is becoming more and more topical: How can I give my loved ones real joy with my Christmas presents and do something good for the world at the same time? Sustainable gifts chosen with care and love have been in vogue for years and should not be missing under any Christmas tree. Among other things, this includes the concept of ethical fashion (or slow fashion), the basic idea of which is the appreciation of garments and ethical production. Instead of reacting to fast-moving trends with the cheap production of many garments, slow fashion designers focus on slow consumption with the aim of protecting nature.




How to find the ideal gift
Christmas gifts for mothers

What do I give my mother for Christmas? To give the perfect gift for arguably the most important person in our lives, it's worth investing time in the search. Mum is simply the best and therefore deserves the best gift.
You want a particularly beautiful gift for your mother. It should be heartfelt and express love. Gifts such as flowers, something sweet or jewellery are therefore among the classics. But you can give your mother a special treat with a personal gift. Nothing makes any mother happier than to get the feeling that her children have really thought about the gift.

Christmas gifts that literally make you feel warmth are particularly popular. Cosy scarves, warm hats, jumpers & cardigans - unique winter accessories in the exclusive quality are ideal as a Christmas gift.




How to find the perfect Christmas present for your best friend or your sister 

We know our best friend or sister just as well as we know ourselves. But when we have to decide what to give our best friend for Christmas, we are often at a loss. After all, we have known each other for quite a long time and with the classic gifts such as a good book, a perfume or a voucher for a shared experience, we can no longer surprise our best friend.
A Christmas gift for the best friend or sister should express appreciation and best of all melt her heart. A good gift for a girlfriend should always be personal. That's the reason why it is not essential to have the gift printed with her initials.
A handwritten card is the best way to express your appreciation. A collection of shared pictures or even a video clip or song dedicated to your friendship is also a good gift idea.
Beautiful winter accessories or a handmade bag by Nina Leuca with the individual horoscope sign are gift ideas that will delight your girlfriend or sister.
A gift that says: "You are unique to me and you deserve the best"


Also consider the gift vouchers from By Adushka as a great gift idea for Christmas. Choose the amount and play it safe by making your gift unique!

Beautiful accessories as a Christmas Gift idea

No matter who you are looking for a Christmas gift for, beautiful accessories are the perfect way to show appreciation and love. The best way to make people's eyes sparkle is to know exactly what your loved one's interests and preferences are. The season also plays a role: a sun hat is a good gift idea, but it simply takes too long for the recipient to enjoy your present. Ideally, you want to use your gift immediately and not have to wait until summer to do so.
Which Christmas gift suits which woman? Think about what type of woman the person receiving the gift is most likely to be. Is she interested in slow fashion? Does she like boho style or does she prefer classic? Is she creative? Does she like winter? Depending on her preferences, you will find our overview of gift ideas that are sure to please her.


Christmas gifts for environmentally conscious women

With the beautiful crocheted Woyoyo bags from Georgia, you are guaranteed to have an exclusive Christmas gift for your girlfriend or mother who places a lot of value on sustainable lifestyle. These beautiful bags and bracelets stand out thanks to their special fabrication with wooden elements that are difficult to imitate and therefore unique. Handmade details turn the bags into stylish one-of-a-kind items that are produced sustainably and fairly. Check out also Woyoyo's selection of bracelet, there is nothing better than a wooden accessorie to add a natural flair to your everyday outfit.





We suggest you to check out our The Jacksons bags selection; the brand has developed a Fairtrade project for women in Bangladesh. Thanks to fair wages and working conditions, as well as medical care and education, women can lead independent lives working for a brand that gives life to fantastic creations like these handmade bags. Isn't it amazing? 




And don't forget to have a look also at our India-based brand Injiri.
This brand is extremely important to us at By Adushka, as it contributes to the protection of the Indian cultural heritage and it uses only environment friendly dying methods and garments. Find here some of our new favorite accessories:




Gifts for bohemian women

Boho style stands for unconventional ethnic chic and colourful elegance. With handmade accessories in boho style, you can give your girlfriend or mother individual jewellery creations by Mul Olga that are made from high-quality sustainable materials. No off-the-peg gift: all items are individually made and bring a unique flair to the look.




Gifts for nature-loving women

A bag or bracelet by Woyoyo made from Georgian heartwood or chic Zodiac bags with a velvet look made from sustainable cotton - nature-loving women appreciate such gifts. They are free of plastics and made of high-quality natural materials. In terms of colour, too, they reflect the beauty of nature. Whether soft earth tones, intense autumn colours or beautiful shades of sunshine - nature gets its most beautiful representation in these items.




Gifts for the style-conscious

The cool fair trade accessories not only look extraordinary, they can also be perfectly combined with stylish looks. Like the Minnie bag from The Jacksons. It is made of 100% jute and is a must-have for visits to the weekly market or the beach in summer. Self-confident women can also combine it in everyday life - with a cool coat, boots and a fluffy stole.




Gifts for creative women

Finding a cool Christmas gift for a creative woman is not so easy. How nice that there are accessories that not only make a visual statement, but are also fairly produced. Like the beaded necklaces by Mul Olga. Worn with a simple outfit, they create a wow effect. They look wonderfully authentic when worn with a boho look.




Gifts for authentic women

An ideal gift for the woman who loves authentic fashion - the Ethnical handmade Tote Bag - Belle Ikat. The hand-woven multicolour bag spices up any look and is also very practical: it offers enough storage space and as a colourful accessory can embellish any inconspicuous look in no time. The model is made of 100% silk and is handmade. You can also buy matching shoes from the same brand. This completes a stylish ensemble for authentic women.




Gifts for the Snow Queen

With the scarves from Phisique du Role in a colourful look, you give a joyful gift of life to every woman who loves to paint the cold season with bright colours. They are made from a blend of mohair and wool, making them the perfect companion for autumn and winter. A perfect Christmas gift for women who love winter!




Gifts that always go down well

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a woman who has everything, then simply give her a beautiful cashmere scarf or a wooden bracelet. These items look stylish with any outfit and look good on any woman. Forgo mass-market items and go for handmade products like stoles from The Key to Dean. They are elegant, stylish and are made from wonderfully soft cashmere in Germany's oldest knitting factory in Thuringia and are guaranteed not to peel.... These accessories look gorgeous with jeans and jumpers, but also with a wedding dress.




Our best tips to find the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts stress-free

To finally be able to get all your Christmas presents in time without being reduced to running around the shops on an Advent Saturday? That's what many of us wish for. But in reality, it rarely works out: Time goes by too quickly and before you know it, the last week of Advent has begun.

To give yourself more peace before Christmas, you should prepare a list of Christmas ideas as early as possible. If you don't feel like stress shopping, simply order your Christmas gifts online. Cosy shopping on the sofa by candlelight and beautiful Christmas carols is also wonderful.




Another advantage is that you don't have to carry heavy bags and you can simply get your Christmas presents delivered to your home. At By Adushka there are Christmas gifts with style and class for you. Here you will find exclusive handicrafts and items that embody the sustainable way of life. Almost every product is unique, designed from high-quality materials using sophisticated handicraft methods. In our online shop, you will find sustainable fashion in bohemian style that particularly expresses the creative free spirit and fashionable self-realisation. If you are not looking for mainstream Christmas gifts, then buy sustainable accessories online at By Adushka.

This will ensure a wonderful Christmas season for you and your loved ones.


By Adushka's step guide to a eco-friendly Christmas

How can you implement the idea of sustainability at Christmas?

It’s easier than you think to reduce your consumption and help the environment, by making very minor tweaks to your Christmas routine. Find here By Adushka's step guide to a "greener" Christmas.  

  • Decorate gifts with natural materials instead of buying new wrapping paper every year.
  • Instead of conventional Christmas trees, choose locally grown Christmas trees, organic fir trees or light trees in pots.
  • Reach for fair trade Christmas treats
  • Customize your Christmas Outfit with fair fashion items!
  • Use home decoration foreign wood or reusable decoration stuff. We love the wooden deco stuff from our interior designer and friend Franziska Arnold from her beautiful Store "Slow Living" in Wettingen, Switzerland. 






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