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We get to give

We get to give

By Adushka in collaboration with Sapo Cycle

We get and we give! This year By Adushka is supporting Sapo Cycle. Learn more about this lovely charity below.



As we say goodbye to another and think of a wonderful and healthy 2022 for everyone, we also think of how immensely grateful we are for our community. It is a season of joy, warmth, thanksgiving and friendships, and that is why this Christmas 2021, By Adushka is donating to Sapo Cycle to support people with disabilities and families in need. To show our support our dear customers will receive a small Christmas gift.


More about SAPO CYCLE: 

Sapo Cycle is a Swiss-based non-profit organization which makes soaps that are socially responsible. Have you ever visited a hotel and seen the lovely soaps? Sapo Cycle has started a great initiative by teaming up with environmentally-conscious hotels, that collect the discarded soaps, these are then reprocessed and made into new hygienic soap bars. The soaps are made by people with disabilities under strict bacteriological control and then the recycled soaps are given to families in need.




When By Adushka heard about this project, we knew it was the perfect solution to support a more than worthy organisation that aligns with our values, and in the process, we get to give a small present to all our sustainable and eco-conscious By Adushka friends and clients. If you would like to learn more about Sapo Cycle, check out the website and donate to this wonderful non-profit organization. 




We wish everyone a calm festive period, and if you are one of our regular clients, expect a special upcycled soap gift in a lovely cotton bag, with love, from us. 

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