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Christmas Magic Simplified

Christmas Magic Simplified

Christmas is upon us

The season of fairy dust, magic and perpetual hope. The season of endless joy and unbreakable cheer. The season of dressing-up and attending parties, children’s laughter and the smell of cookie dough, of gift giving and decorating, family meetings, young and old in peace and harmony...or so we wish. 

Many times, Christmas actually looks like this: the season of hectic shopping and stressful organizational multitasking, of what- to-give-and-what-not-to-give, of last-minute business requests and year’s end madness, of family fights and personal breakdowns and insecurities, of guilt, sadness, blunt truth and insensitive confrontations, of week-long darkness and reoccurring life frustrations.



Not to forget those last two years in which an even worse factor has additionally entered the scene: the pandemic and everything it comes with.

All in all, one could say Christmas increasingly has become: The season of disappointments. I could give you a number of tricks and options how to tackle the ‘better-be-avoided-situations’, or the ‘how-to-negotiate-with- my-children-without-the-inevitable-door-slam’ scenarios, not to forget the ‘how-not-to-feel-blamed-moments’ and so on.


Or I can offer you one thought, that erases all:
Stop expecting - anything.


Not from yourself and not from others. Leave everyone, including yourself room to show their best or worst of sides. Leave it up to them or you, what they will choose to do and how they will take part or remain outside of creating a magical Christmas. Because hand to heart, this is all we ever wanted, isn’t it?!

That’s the main motivation, the intention of this celebration: Creating magic, in our hearts and in this world.


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