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New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius, known for its philosophical perspective to life, desiring to live life that has a meaning and purpose. What gives your life meaning?

As we continue to navigate through Eclipse season, we have one more Eclipse on the horizon. The Solar Eclipse happening on the New Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, 4 December 2021, will be amplifying our Mama Luna’s energy intensely. Learn in today’s article how to hone in this energy with this powerful final Eclipse of the season. 


Sagittarius, the Archer 

Sagittarius is transitioning us into the season of winter. From the deep waters and spiritual turbulence we experienced in Scorpio season, we move into warm, optimistic, philosophical Sagittarius. In the previous season, we were faced with our deepest shadows, having initiated us into a deeper version of ourselves, now it is time to aim high and unleash our inner potential with our new found self. 

Sagittarius, known for its philosophical perspective to life, desiring to live life that has meaning and purpose, is a born educator and student of life. Embodied by the symbol of the Archer, it aims high with its optimistic view thanks to its ruling planet, Jupiter. Whatever Jupiter fixates its energy on flourishes with good luck, fortune and positivity. A fire mutable sign, which shows us no less its desire for constant change, adventure and passion. Now is the time to be hopeful for what is to come and bask in joy. 



The New Moon 

Every New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle ebbing and flowing throughout 29.5 days. She flows in and out of all 12 astrological signs throughout one cycle embodying each and every one of their energies. Imagine the shift in our Mama Luna’s energy every 2.5 days as she journeys through all 12 signs. Never the same, the moon teaches us that life is cyclical and everything is but a phase. 


The Solar Eclipse

On the Solar Eclipse, the energies of the New Moon are even more amplified than usual. Although the moon remains unseen on the night of the New Moon, her energies are deeply present. The added darkness in the night sky creates space for us to energetically plant those seeds of intentions in our subconscious mind. What are we holding back from? What are we ready to release? What are we ready to call into existence? Eclipses occur every time the lunar nodes intersect with the moon and sun’s path. The lunar nodes are energetic vortices that show us in which direction our society is heading in, or where our karma lies in this and past-lifetimes. Looking up where your lunar nodes are located on your personal astrological chart could also give further indications onto what you might be internally working through during this Eclipse season. The New Moon gives us an even darker night sky, like fertile soil in an untouched garden, what will we plant her magical energies of potential and growth? Being super intentional on the New Moon through ritual, sitting with yourself in ceremony, taking a moment to journey within and become clear on where you desire to aim this New Moon. Feel into the current lunar energies that are amongst us at this time. This will be the final New Moon of this year 2021, and supercharged at that! How will you hone in these energies? What desires lay true in your heart? 



Shamanic Moon Ritual

The Moon is in fire sign, Sagittarius - so what to do, ritually-speaking? Connect with the element of fire, especially if you feel you lack purpose, drive, willpower or passion. Ignite your inner magic through inviting light into your home. During these dark days and nights, and especially while you journal your heart out on the New Moon, I invite you to light at least 4 candles in your space and meditate with one of the flames by staring into the candle light for 10 minutes. This will spark your inner light to grow. Ignite that inner flame, and unleash her free! Sit by candlelight for the evening, reflect on this past lunar cycle, on the lessons that the Eclipse presented with you, the growth and transformation you went through this autumn, and what energies you would like to bring into this new lunar cycle as we head towards the end of the year.  


♐︎ What gives you meaning and purpose in life?

♐︎ How can you invite more joy in your life? 

♐︎ What were the lessons that came up for you this Eclipse season? 

♐︎ What are your sacred intentions for this lunar cycle? 

Thank you for receiving my words for this upcoming New Moon. I wish you a blessed Solar Eclipse, and the most joyous Sagittarius season full of lightness and love ahead. 

Join my online Moon Circle on the New Moon, and dive deeper into your inner world. Learn more here: 




About Inés Kelly

Inés Kelly is a healer, moon astrologer and writer. She creates sacred spaces for women to heal through her 1:1 sessions and moon ceremonies. Lover of all things cycles: astrological, menstrual, lunar, seasonal. Ines started her journey with Astrology when she was 18 years old and the Moon became her daily muse during her second pregnancy. She became interested in the connection between women and their cycle with the Moon and eventually build a tribe of women, sitting together in ceremonies, sharing and learning how to live in alignment with their cycles, the moon and how to heal through ancient shamanic journeys. 


Ines deep desire for all women is to help them return back to a more cyclical way, to ebb and flow with life and nature, without trying to control results. She is devoted to igniting in women that inner sense of deep trust for life, their intuition and gifts. You can find and join Ines Moon Ceremonies at and on Instagram.

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