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How to buy Christmas gifts with calm, harmony and intuition

How to buy Christmas gifts with calm, harmony and intuition

Our best tips to find the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts stress-free

To finally be able to get all your Christmas presents in time without being reduced to running around the shops on an Advent Saturday? That's what many of us wish for. But in reality, it rarely works out: Time goes by too quickly and before you know it, the last week of Advent has begun.

To give yourself more peace before Christmas, you should prepare a list of Christmas ideas as early as possible. If you don't feel like stress shopping, simply order your Christmas gifts online. Cosy shopping on the sofa by candlelight and beautiful Christmas carols is also wonderful.




Another advantage is that you don't have to carry heavy bags and you can simply get your Christmas presents delivered to your home. At By Adushka there are Christmas gifts with style and class for you. Here you will find exclusive handicrafts and items that embody the sustainable way of life. Almost every product is unique, designed from high-quality materials using sophisticated handicraft methods. In our online shop, you will find sustainable fashion in bohemian style that particularly expresses the creative free spirit and fashionable self-realisation. If you are not looking for mainstream Christmas gifts, then buy sustainable accessories online at By Adushka.

This will ensure a wonderful Christmas season for you and your loved ones.


How to find the perfect Christmas present for your mum 

What do I give my mother for Christmas? To give the perfect gift for arguably the most important person in our lives, it's worth investing time in the search. Mum is simply the best and therefore deserves the best gift.

You want a particularly beautiful gift for your mother. It should be heartfelt and express love. Gifts such as flowers, something sweet or jewellery are therefore among the classics. But you can give your mother a special treat with a personal gift. Nothing makes any mother happier than to get the feeling that her children have really thought about the gift.

Christmas gifts that literally make you feel warmth are particularly popular. Cosy scarves, warm hats, jumpers & cardigans - unique winter accessories in the exclusive quality are ideal as a Christmas gift.




How to find the perfect Christmas present for your best friend or your sister 

We know our best friend or sister just as well as we know ourselves. But when we have to decide what to give our best friend for Christmas, we are often at a loss. After all, we have known each other for quite a long time and with the classic gifts such as a good book, a perfume or a voucher for a shared experience, we can no longer surprise our best friend.
A Christmas gift for the best friend or sister should express appreciation and best of all melt her heart. A good gift for a girlfriend should always be personal. That's the reason why it is not essential to have the gift printed with her initials.
A handwritten card is the best way to express your appreciation. A collection of shared pictures or even a video clip or song dedicated to your friendship is also a good gift idea.
Beautiful winter accessories or a handmade bag by Nina Leuca with the individual horoscope sign are gift ideas that will delight your girlfriend or sister.
A gift that says: "You are unique to me and you deserve the best"
Also consider the gift vouchers from By Adushka as a great gift idea for Christmas. Choose the amount and play it safe by making your gift unique!



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