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Fashion Interview with Luisa Rossi | Swiss Stylist

Fashion Interview with Luisa Rossi | Swiss Stylist

Upclose with Luisa Rossi, the Iconic Swiss Stylist
By Tsitaliya Mircheva


There are a lot of articles and interviews written about Luisa Rossi. Her name has become synonymous of style, elegance and success in Switzerland. Like most interesting women, who love their job, Luisa Rossi is constantly pushing boundaries in her own work, she is evolving and growing and her personality attracts the attention because she always has interesting things to share about style, fashion and how to embody who you are in the most charming and confident way I’ve ever seen. As most of you may know Luisa is a Personal Shopper and a Stylist, as well as a lifestyle coach. She works for the Swiss TV, for PKZ and consults many other private clients on their business style and personal wardrobe.

Modelling was not enough for Luisa, She wanted to learn the art of presenting in front of the camera and in the meantime she tried to accumulate some experience as a stylist. 

Luisa has started her career as a Dentist Assistant but she was discovered as a model when she was chosen as Miss Zurich in her 20s. In the next ten years Luisa was working hard, traveling around the world as a model. That’s when she learned the self-discipline to take a very good care of herself, exercising and eating right for her own wellbeing.

As she often states, knowing several languages at the time helped her tremendously in her job. Her mother was a seamstress form Paris and her father was coming from Italy.

However, modelling was not enough for Luisa, She wanted to learn the art of presenting in front of the camera and in the meantime she tried to accumulate some experience as a stylist.

Luisa’s entrepreneurial spirit gave her the energy to start a collaboration with Coiffeur Valentino and create an agency for Hair, Style and Make Up. Her never ending energy comes from her love and passion for everything she does. Even today you can recognise immediately the unwavering confidence and strong energy of a woman who knows what she wants and who is not afraid to go and get it. 

I caught her on the phone on a cold Saturday afternoon during one of the Covid 19
lockdowns and we had a very sincere and fun conversation about fashion and style
which I am so happy got share with you today:

Tsitaliya: As much as people know about you as a public figure, what has been left out of the conversation during all those years?

Luisa Rossi: Well I have enormous passion for movies, cinema. I am very curious and interested in the way a movie is made and what moves people.

Tsitaliya: So what is your favourite movie of all times then?

Luisa: Call me by your name, directed by Luca Guadagnino.

Tsitaliya: Looking back do you remember when you had the best time of your life? Luisa: It is difficult to say because I had a very rich and interesting life, full of amazing moments. I can say easily my backpack is full.

Tsitaliya: How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Luisa: Funny, energetic and curious!

Tsitaliya: How would the people around you would describe you? Luisa: Funny, easy going and sexy. Thanks god my style has chnaged over the years. I can describe what I like to wear at the moment as comfortable, cool and chic.

Tsitaliya: You’ve been stylist for many years, dressing other people, but when it comes to your style - how would you describe your personal aesthetic? How has it changed and evolved over the years? Luisa: Thanks god I changed my style. The fashion I like to wear now I can describe as comfortable, cool and chic! I like to call it the three C .

Tsitaliya: What have you been wearing the most in the last three years?

Luisa: I have my moment of Alberta Tanzini from Florence and her couture garments.

Tsitaliya: When you are buying something new what do you look for in a garment?

Luisa: First look at the colour and the print, then the fabric, and then the shape/ design!

Tsitaliya: How have women's tastes changed in the past one year when it comes to fashion?

Luisa: They want to know how to mix and match fashion, they need finished look, head to toe.

Tsitaliya: When it comes to style what are the most important “rules” you have created in your work? Luisa: I always look for Harmony in a look, for authenticity and longevity of garments! 

Tsitaliya: Can you share with us your favorite sustainable brands at the moment?

Luisa: I was a bottle was the first brand I started with from the sustainable brands. Today I am in love with Olga Mul coats! love the shapes, the colours and they are very fashionable. 

Tsitaliya: Online or offline shopping when it comes to fashion?

Luisa: Personally I still prefer offline. I love to feel the texture.Tsitaliya: Top three accounts you follow on Instagram?

Luisa: Schweizerische Textile Fachschule; Harris Reed, keep an eye on him; by Adushka. 

Tsitaliya: Your favourite book when it comes to fashion?

Luisa: Cinzia Felicetti Chic, the 10 ultimate basics from jeans to stilettos. I read this book 20’ years ago and it influenced me a lot.

 People are too scared these days to look overdressed or to be too much!

Tsitaliya: Who's been your biggest mentor in terms of style and fashion?

Luisa: Nobody, I’ve been learning by doing, but of course in my work knowing all the classic designers helps a lot and keeping an eye on upcoming talents as well.

Tsitaliya: What piece of clothing you would wear over and over again every year?

Luisa Rossi: Definitely the white blouse. It is a guarantee for good look!

Tsitaliya: What was the last piece of clothing you've purchased?

Luisa Rossi: Pink Harris Reed blouse.

Tsitaliya: The most valuable piece in your wardrobe?

Luisa: My Louboutin stilettos. Tsitaliya: What are you looking for in spring this year?

Luisa: Positivity - colours, freshness, lightness!

Tsitaliya: What was the best thing that happened to you last year?

Luisa: I started teaching as a stylist at the STF. It is so exciting!

Tsitaliya: What piece of advice would you give women today when it comes to their style?

Luisa: Open your heart and find out who you are! Have more courage to dress up! People are too scared these days to look overdressed or to be too much! 

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