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Interactive Fashion Interview with Julie Roux

Interactive Fashion Interview with Julie Roux

Julie Roux in collaboration with By Adushka 
on Sustainable Fashion, Art and how last year has changed her job as a stylist
Julie Roux is a stylist, a finder of fashion gems, a native New Yorker, a French at heart and a really good friend who’s been living in Basel for the last seven years together with her family and her charming Lagotto Romagnolo dog.

I met Julie at Vitznauerhof Hotel, right at the start of the pandemic, where we celebrated together in the company of other fabulous people the opening of the By Adushka online shop.

Then we connected on the phone and just couldn’t stop talking about everything from fashion history, art, motherhood and sustainability to what we’ve been wearing this past year and what are we looking forward to wearing this coming spring.








Tsitaliya: Hi Julie, how are you? What are you doing at the moment?

Julie: Well we just came back from ski holidays in Laax and now my boys are back to school and I am slipping into my usual routine of getting up early to meditate and stretch, then walking the dog while planning my days ahead, thinking on project, collaborations and all kinds of other ideas. I use the morning to be productive and to also connect with nature, get some fresh air. After the Covid pandemic started my girlfriends and I started a new routine of walks outside to keep in touch and share some fun time together. The rest of the day goes on with Zoom Calls, emails, collaborations, family, cooking etc.


Tsitaliya: How has Covid effected your work as a stylist?

Julie: Well I don’t go as often to my clients houses and instead we talk over ZOOM. I have also started collaborating more with small and medium size businesses promoting and sharing their work with my network. We organise small gatherings when the measures allow it. In that way I try to support local businesses as well.


Tsitaliya: For those who don’t know you can you describe your personality a little?

Julie: Colourful, spontaneous and caring


Tsitaliya: And how are others describing you?

Julie: A very good friend, spontaneous, generous and honest.


Tsitaliya: How would you describe your style?

Julie: Classically colourful. I’ve been influenced by all the places I’ve been living - South of France, Paris (think sleek tailored chic), Belgium (think patterns and candy colours, think Essential Antwerp and Raf Simons).


Tsitaliya: What inspires your style? Is there a movie or a book that have influenced you?


Julie: I am more inspired by street style than movies and books.


Tsitaliya: What role is art playing in your life? I often see you on photos in museums and in front of paintings?

Julie: Well my thesis was on ..... I am really drawn to art and it is a great inspiration to me! I often pop into museums even for half an hour to look at a painting or other piece of art here in Basel.


Tsitaliya: How has your style changed from your 20s to now?
Julie: I’ve become more adventurous, more comfortable with taking risks and more light-hearted. 




Tsitaliya: How did you hear about By Adushka?

Julie: We were introduced by a mutual friend and I immediately feel for Karin’s eclectic style and warmth, her vibrant energy and the fact that she always has a circle of other interesting people around her. I love her desire to grow, to learn and to become more. She is always so full of energy. I also love good storytelling in fashion and Karin always has great stories to share! Plus all her brands appeal to so many different types of women.


Tsitaliya: What does sustainability in fashion mean to you?

Julie: Sustainability always meant longevity and buying from small artisanal brands with a story and traditions. I like garments with character.


Tsitaliya: How has 2020 changed your relationship with fashion?

Julie: Obviously there’s less need to dress up and 2020 has re-affirmed my approach to healthy conscious shopping. 2020 is the year when I have bought my first sweatpants and matching top. But overall my relationship with clothes hasn’t changed much. I’ve always strived for unique pieces that last in time. My relationship with fashion is simple. It is based on happiness. Clothes make me happy and that’s what drives my decisions.


Tsitaliya: Best styling tip that you have received or given?

Julie: Invest in pieces you love, not just like. If I have doubts I don’t buy it!


Tsitaliya: Online or Offline shopping?

Julie: In an ideal world I would prefer to buy in person. I am a loyal client and I like to build relationships...everything I do is relationship based. I would buy online but not my favourite. I buy online may be through Instagram through personal messaging and starting a conversation with the brand.


Tsitaliya: Top Instagram accounts you follow?

Julie: I follow you :) and Slip into style, the brand And.Bloom, which I like because of the way it takes on ageing gracefully, Karenbritchick because of the way she mixes vintage and new & bysarahkhan, who is a travel writer and has a great sense of humour. She is based in NY, but I met her in Basel recently through a friend.


Tsitaliya: Best self-care tip?

Julie: Spend more time with the people who are rooting for you!






Read more from Julie and what she is wearing this spring here

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