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Interview with Carmen Meier about timeless beauty and timeless style

Interview with Carmen Meier | Swiss Model

Carmen Meier sits with By Adushka after a day long photoshoot at a Horsefarm near Luzern, to talk about fashion, photography and Christmas!

Text by Tsitaliya Mircheva

Carmen Meier is a doer and a true life enthusiast - when you meet her it’s one of the first things you notice about her.

It’s Carmen’s childlike eagerness and fervour about daily life, people and places that strikes me the most.

Interview with Carmen Meier about timeless fashion and timeless style

One would think that by the age of 69 you would have pretty much seen it all. But not Carmen. She looks at every day as a new adventure, and she finds all kinds of different perspectives and ways to enjoy life. I guess that’s what makes her such a strong character with a remarkable and intense presence.

But there’s a lot more to Carmen than enthusiasm and hard work. She is a true fashionista, art and architecture connoisseur and style aesthete. And let me throw a few facts into this poetic word mix: Carmen Meier was the first woman in Obervaz to work at the local government. A Graubünden native, Carmen moved to Zurich and started her own business as a beautician. At the age of 50, she started modelling and is now managed by Scout Model.


I’ve bumped into Carmen several times at Mode Suisse, but I worked with her for the first time on the set of one of the By Adushka photoshoots. That day we started early, shooting outside at a horse farm in 2 degrees temperature - it was freezing! The shoot went on for almost 8-hours but Carmen did not complain even for a minute. She was laughing and asking questions about everything. Her energy was infectious, her confidence was powerful and her unpretentiousness was humbling! I really loved being around her.

Later, I visited Carmen and her husband in their elegant and cosy home, which is full of modern art, magazines, books and fashion. We spent several hours indulging in interesting topics like photography, travel, art and design, New York of course (both Carmen and I are huge fans of this unique place where we’ve spent a certain amount of our lives), and modelling after 50.

Interview with Carmen Meier about timeless beauty and timeless style

Here are some excerpts from this conversation:

Tsitaliya: How would you describe yourself in three words?
Carmen: Aesthete, doer interested in fashion, art, architecture, photography and design.

Tsitaliya: What else can you add about your personality?
Carmen: A free spirit, independent and unconventional. I do what brings me joy. I am restless and always open the go… at 70.

Tsitaliya: What drives you and lifts up your energy in challenging times?
Carmen: When I move a lot with positive energy, meeting and interacting with creative and pro-active people. Diversity drives me.

Tsitaliya. Your values?
Carmen: Mindfulness and sustainability.

Tsitaliya: How do you start your day and how do you finish it?
Carmen: Espresso and NZZ in Bed and I end the day reflecting on what happened, I fall asleep with positive thoughts!

Tsitaliya: Your favourite fashion designers?
Carmen: Christa de Carouge, Issey Miyake and from time to time Chanel.

Tsitaliya: Your favourite photographer?
Carmen: Peter Lindbergh.

Interview with Carmen Meier about timeless fashion and timeless style

Tsitaliya: How important is fashion for you?
Carmen: It’s Important! Fashion influences our society and it represents lifestyle. Fashion is pure creativity. I follow trends because I am interested in fashion, but for a long time I have found my own style.

Tsitaliya: How you you describe your style?
Carmen: Timeless, puristic and black.

Tsitaliya: How do you plan to spend this Christmas?
Carmen: Staying in, contemplating and cooking.

Tsitaliya: What are you planning to wear during Christmas holidays?
Carmen: Wrapped in cosy cashmere and silk, but a touch more festive!

Tsitaliya: Online or offline shopping?
Carmen: Online. I love shopping and I like to try things and feel the fabric on my skin. However I’ve been exploring the online space and am curious to discover what sustainable and innovative brands like By Adushka have to offer! 

Tsitaliya: What do you like about By Adushka?
Carmen: The focus on sustainability and care during manufacture.

Tsitaliya: What piece of clothing would you wear over and over year after year?
Carmen: Black turtleneck, short or long.

Tsitaliya: Your last purchase?
Carmen: Gucci winter slipper, cute and warm!

Tsitaliya: What was the best thing that happened to you this year?
Carmen: The many great jobs I have received and been able top take on as a model and the fact that I am healthy and fit.


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