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Odile - A Myriad of Motifs

Odile - A Myriad of Motifs

Hi there, fashion lovers! I'm excited to introduce you to the new and exciting brand, Odile.

Odile was born from a passion for vintage, art and travel and inspired by the blue skies, arid landscapes, turbulent fresh oceans, and the warmth of the authentic Portuguese people. The band is dedicated to supporting local Portuguese artisans with exceptional skills preserving their legacy.


The founder’s grandmother, who strongly believed that «Less is More», was a significant influence on the brand’s philosophy. Odile values simple, slow-life and timeless style without adhering to fashion cycles.


«The value of things is not the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people» - Fernando Pessoa

Odile collaborates with designers, who share their values, who find joy in creating unique pieces that reflect a nomadic and expressive spirit.

Adding Odile to our collection was an easy choice, because of their commitment to sustainability. The brand makes conscious choices to offer ethically made collections, using organic certified and recycled materials, working with skilled artisans, and producing locally. All pieces are produced with organic, natural, upcycled or recycled materials. Even the buttons on their pieces are made from recycled paper.

Sustainability is at the heart and core of the brand, and they believe that every design choice has an influence in reducing our environmental impact.

Odiles spring/summer 23 collection is feed off the love for the famous Azulejos ceramic tiles, found in a range of color and myriad motifs that adorn the walls and floors of ancient Portuguese properties.

So, fashion lovers, if you’re looking for unique pieces that reflect timeless design with a vibrant future, then check out this amazing, rare jewel of a brand!

Catch you later,
Addi xoxo

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