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The Inspiration Behind Romualda

The Inspiration Behind Romualda

Dive into the world of Romualda, born when two sisters from Spain, a painter and a designer joined forces - A brand emerged that celebrates their shared love and passion for beauty.

The sisters’ vision has since blossomed into a vibrant community of free, creative spirits, that continues to grow. Romualda embraces ancestral techniques and honors the purity of materials to craft exquisite products, which evoke lasting emotions.  

The inspiration for the name ‘Romualda’ was drawn from an encounter with a Dutch artist the sisters had as children during a family trip to the Rodalquilar desert in southern Spain. The artist, named Romalda made sculptures from sticks, shells and stones, as well as her captivating murals depicting nature’s wonders. These impressions along with her deep respect for life and nature, left an indelible mark on the young Cristina and Mariana, inspiring them to take on a project that cherishes the world we inhabit.

The sisters creative journey together began with hand painted hat, reflecting their desire to create unique and timeless pieces. Made from ethically grown cotton and in collaboration with local milliners in Asturias, Spain, Romualda’s first sun and bucket hats were born. With an artistic approach, Cristina brings these pieces to life painting on intricate designs ranging from ombré and marble swirls to abstract tie-dye patterns.

The Aguirre sisters pour their hearts into each piece created. They dedicate between a week and a half to three weeks to produce these unique pieces. Their dream is for their clients’ daughters and granddaughters to continue to pass their pieces on for years to come.

Cristina and Mariana Aguirre form a prefect tandem, with Cristina managing the artistic aspects, while Mariana oversees the design elements. Christina, with a background in Fine Arts, draws from various artistic disciplines, infusing the creations in Romualda.
Meanwhile Mariana, brings a wealth of knowledge and aesthetic background in product design to the brand. The sisters give credit to their creative mother, who instilled in them a deep appreciation for unique and artistic jewellery. They believe growing up in an artistic environment has nurtured their ability to view fashion pieces as a work of art.

The sisters’ work exudes an aura of mystery and intellectuality, with carefully curated aesthetics that blend seamlessly with their sustainable and artisanal production process. Their inspirations range from the work of Francis Bacon to the lamps of Ingo Maurer, not to mention the sculptures of Louise Bourgeios. Romualda embodies transparency in both materials and clothing, ensuring that every piece tells a beautiful story.

Romualda is a perfect fashion company to set an example of creating products that transcend the fleeting trends and fads. They strive to make their hats desirable cherished heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. Head over to check out this Spanish brands' latest creations.

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