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Pop into Nina Leuca's Showroom

Pop into Nina Leuca's Showroom

The perfect match between tradition and originality

Discover more about Nina Leuca, the all-Italian brand that is driving everyone crazy with its coats


One of the most important changes happening in fashion at the moment is that brands are trying to re-establish and re-invent their relationship with customers, emphasising on an open, transparent and honest communication. This has been By Adushka's team priority right from the beginning. We want to make sure our customers, followers and friends know very well who makes their clothes, where and how they are made and what is their story. We hope you've already noticed how personal we are in our communication.  

Today we would like to share with you another story, coming right from one of our signature brands' showroom. Just a few weeks ago we paid a visit to Nina Leuca's Showroom, a charming place in the heart of Milan that perfectly reflects the values of the all-Italian brand. We entered a fascinating space filled with traditional objects and historic references from southern Italy: a wrought-iron chandelier, lush plants and hand-printed pots in bright colours - all little details that transported us directly into the mood of Nina Leuca.



Nina Leuca was born 5 years ago in Santa Maria di Leuca in the Family Boutique Hotel of Benedetta Rossi, the founder and CEO of the Nina Leuca.

The brand's hometown, often spelled simply Leuca, is a small village in the Salento Peninsula (Apulia), southern Italy. Leuca is a term derived from the Greek λευκός (leukós), meaning "white" - name given to the town probably due to its white rocks perpendicular to the sea. As you have probably already noticed, this color plays a major role in Nina Leuca's collections, being always the basis of the brand's garments.

In creating the brand, Benedetta was inspired by the ladies of the 19th century in the villages of the region of Apulia, who worked everything by hand with looms. The creative designer of Nina Leuca has developed this concept in a more modern way, but always expressing her love for southern Italy through her clothing, maintaining the same loom-weaving method and reusing traditional Apulian prints. What makes Nina Leuca a one-of-a-kind brand is the slightly exotic/mediterranean touch Benedetta gives to her creations; a passion that has come from the designer's several trips, especially to Marrakesh and to Greece, which have inspired her creations and her life.

The exotic/mediterranean influence is indeed clearly visible in Nina Leuca's collections, which are very often sewn in linen - a southern European material. The manufacturing process of this texture is detailed and very time-consuming: it starts with a white base, which is taken to the dyehouse where it's dyed, washed and dried to create the designer's desired color. This is why that this kind of textile is also called "Washed Linen" - but what gives a unique and recognizable style is the combination of this type of fabric together with the hand-made embroideries, the crochet details and the cotton fabric made on the loom, typical of the Salento tradition, used as an insert in the clothes.



Today we can describe Nina Leuca as a brand with an unmistakable style, that perfectly mixes tradition and originality, the colors of Salento and a unique and refined taste, for a real woman, with Mediterranean charm, like a borderland.



> The pictures at the Showroom were taken by Kejda Magorca




We at By Adushka are madly in love with Nina Leuca's Fall Winter 2021 Collection - the coats have left us speechless. Have a look at the three colour shades we have selected for you: you can find short, medium and long versions. 











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