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The Key Tō Dean

The Key Tō Dean

High Luxury Cashmere with Ethics

By Esther Seibt


The Key Tō Dean was founded in 2013 in Berlin and delivers high quality Cashmere products with ethics, that never go out of style.

Not only is the yarn sourced from one of the last private farms in Central Asia, with annual reports about hair quality, animal constitution and expectancy of pilling, but it is colored and twisted in a traditional manufactory in Italy, which is also the yarn provider for other high fashion houses like Chanel & Iris von Arnim. 

In the beginning the products have successfully been sold in numerous high fashion stores like Department Store Quartier 206 in Berlin, alongside Loro Piana, Bottega Veneta & Victoria Beckham – until it's closure in 2017.

The label has been listed with several personal Shoppers and Stylists around the globe. Never any marketing was necessary. Buyers understood its value and so did the customer. Those who got theirs once, always wanted more.



After a short reevaluation break, the label has reentered the market with reduced products and a wider range of colors and pre-ordering options. Shortly after new demands came in. Nowadays they are, amongst others, successfully working with a Boutique Hotel in Vitznau, Switzerland, but also By Adushka, a fashion store for sustainable and unique high-quality styles. They knowingly combine clothing and lifestyle, crossing the borders between regular shopping and tailored fashion experiences, creating lasting impressions for customer and brand.




Every now and then, there is this urge to get something new, something beautiful, something to wear. We know it, you know it and its ok to feel and go after this urge.What if it wasn’t ok, that in the name of that item many forms of suffering are created? Human suffering, animals, nature, the economy, you name it.

What if we could choose differently and look for those brands and items, that make sure, to do the best they can, to support a different way of living, a different system.

A system that creates within the realms of sustaining life, nature, people, companies.




We live in a society that – for now - is more about consumption than about sustainability. This is slowly changing, and we areproud to be part of this movement. We are aware, that we do manufacture, and we need resources to do so. But we are also aware, that we can and should make a difference in the details. We do our best to make sure to provide you with the highest qualities, as well as everyone within the supply chain with the best foundations to work based on the ethics of a life lived in Oneness with this planet, which we call home.




The Key Tō Dean’s main focus lies on their infamous scarves. They are an amazing addition to any evening gown, a wedding dress, jeans & jumper, you name it. Men love them for their versatility especially in airplanes. They are designed to perfectly fit an airplane seat and yet cover the entire body, wrapping the wearer in safety, coziness, and the ongoing feeling of home. Also great as scarves for highly air-conditioned rooms or simply cold winter days. And beyond, the perfect Shavasana blanket for those Yoga and meditation lovers.


Out of experience: The product speaks best for itself, since it’s not designed to be a 'Wow – I have to have this.' - but an 'Oh, I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world anymore.'


By Adushka has selected The Key Tō Dean because it stands for high quality, sustainability and comfort. This brand is made unique by the yarn used, because it has minimum to no pilling; and all this because the final knitting is spun in one of the oldest traditional knitters in Thüringen, Germany. 


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