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Inside Woyoyo's World

Inside Woyoyo's World

Discover more about By Adushka's new brand: Woyoyo


We are happy to introduce you Woyoyo, the new brand selected by By Adushka. The latest addition to By Adushka’s Family of sustainable luxuries is coming from Georgia and it speaks for our passion to distinctive handcrafted patterns made with care, passion and soul.

Woyoyo bags are the ultimate eco arm candy, made to last beyond one season and never run out of trend, simply because quality natural materials, distinctive handmade shapes and ornaments can never lose their value and authentic charm.

We interviewed Ivane, the co - owner and CEO of Woyoyo. Are you curious to know more about By Adushka's new brand? So don't miss this interview!




Arianna: First of all we would like to know: how and why was Woyoyo born?


Ivane: Woyoyo was born through a journey of discovering local materials connected to our land and culture. With the intention of giving relevant meaning to what we do whilst creating something desirable and fresh. Our handbags and accessories carry our identity, style and design DNA. Our team designer, Leko, is constantly creating and innovating with great talent and dexterity. Coupled with superb technical abilities this makes the creative driving force behind Woyoyo.


Arianna: Wow it sounds so interesting - the whole By Adushka’s Team is literally amazed by what’s behind Woyoyo. It’s incredible how just through a bag you are able to show your identity. We have another question for you: when Leko Melashvili designs the collections, where does her inspiration come from? What are your main sources of inspiration?


Ivane: Woyoyo collections quintessentially come from the same original idea that is constantly reimagined and evolved through each collection: craftsmanship. Leko’s craftsmanship is innately connected to Woyoyo’s aesthetics. Woyoyo is a technical brand. By using local renewable wood and innovative handbag technology, we infuse yarn to craft uniquely beautiful items.



Arianna: Could you tell us more about the creating process of your accessories, how does a piece come in life? Which materials do you mainly use?


Ivane: The remarkable feature of two materials, wood and yarn builds an unlikely combination that makes Woyoyo designs elaborately masterful with outstanding quality.  Primarily using Georgian Walnut Heartwood, we deeply appreciate the texture, qualities and visual value that natural wood offers. With a sense of timelessness, a well-refined and carefully chosen panel can practically last for hundreds of years. Each wood panel after undergoing a refining process retains distinguished ornaments and veneers showing a wide range of beautifully illustrated natural figures on the walnut heartwood. Each wooden panels used in the crafting process is dried, refined and cured with natural oils several times to withstand time and wear.


Arianna: We love how sustainability is the punto chiave of your brand. So we could affirm that sustainability is a key point for you brand, right? Do you think sustainability is becoming a way of life? Or are people still a long way from it?


Ivane: Undoubtedly, we believe that it is a matter of time to collectively lead people towards more conscious purchasing patterns. Through individual action “people can choose with their feet” as they used to say this term in Berlin, towards a sustainable reality, which at this point in time is only way forward so we can all survive on our planet. Sustainability should be central premises in how we progress in to the future. It has to be our modus operandi. 




Arianna: And the last question: if you had to describe the brand in three adjectives, which ones would you use?


Ivane: Craftsmanship, Innovation, Mastery.



→ Find out more about each bag by tapping on each image and get in touch with us if you would like to know more curiosities about this one-of-a-kind brand ← 

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