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Combining Cowboy Boots: How to Wear the Shoe Trend of Every Season

Combining Cowboy Boots: How to Wear the Shoe Trend of Every Season

Cowboy boots are back and becoming a must-have in the shoe closet. In this blog, we'll show you the best styling tips and the most beautiful models to shop for!

But How did these riding boots make their way onto the runways of renowned fashion houses, and where do they originate from? As always, we took our time in selecting you an authentic premium product with a lot of love and authenticity. Shiloh Heritage's cowboy boots have been handcrafted by a family in Mexico for 120 years.

The History of Cowboy Boots

Even though cowboy boots have been more prevalent only since the last few years and are being worn extensively, they are not a new star in the fashion scene. Their origins trace back to the 17th century when Western boots first emerged in the USA after the Civil War. Former soldiers, now forced to earn a living as cattle drivers, needed a shoe suitable for the job, distinct from the no longer suitable military equipment.

In the 19th century, the first cowboy boots evolved from the existing work boot, further developed by the Hyer brothers. In the following century, many cowboys rode through the savannas and onto the Hollywood Western screens - so it's no coincidence that not only boots but also cowboy hats, belts, and leather vests became increasingly popular among Wild West heroes.

Boot Shaft

The V-shaped shafts of cowboy boots were and still are often adorned with intricate embossing, stitching patterns, and appliqués. Modern designs draw inspiration from iconic Western boots but work with a variety of interpretations, featuring flat, medium, and high heels, colors, prints, appliqués, patterns, and materials. Here, we present to you the most beautiful cowboy boots and provide the best styling tips to combine them.

#1 Combine Cowboy Boots with a Dress or Skirt

If you enjoy wearing dresses or skirts and want to combine them with cowboy boots, mini or midi-length dresses are perfect for you. Summery midi dresses or a maxi denim skirt can be styled perfectly with the medium to high shaft of the boots, creating a casual Western outfit. Light, summery fabrics with cowboy boots emit a Boho style and can also be styled perfectly as a festival outfit.

#2 Combine Western Boots with Pants

Cowboy boots can be styled with various types of pants and complement different cuts. For example, close-fitting skinny jeans or straight-cut pants pair best with cowboy boots with a high, wide shaft. Flared pants, bootcut pants, or culottes, on the other hand, go well with cowboy boots with a low shaft or Western-style ankle boots. Wide-leg pants, in turn, match well with tall, wide boots - depending on your look, you can choose the style you prefer.

#3 Style Cowboy Boots with an Office Outfit

You can also combine cowboy boots with a chic office outfit. How? Opt for a pair of Western boots or cowboy boots with a low shaft and a low to medium heel. Choose a simple color, a pantsuit, a simple dress, a skirt with a blouse or a wool sweater, or wide or A-line-cut pants that you pair with a blouse or a simple top with a blazer with shoulder pads. Et voilá!

#4 Combine Cowboy Boots with Denim

To cleverly combine cowboy boots with jeans, avoid a leather hat or the classic red scarf, which might remind you of Lucky Luke or Woody. Instead, choose jeans that are either so closely cut that you can tuck them into your boot leg or so wide that the waist and leg harmoniously blend into each other. Pair this with simple basics like a white t-shirt, a hoodie, or a short leather jacket - for a denim-on-denim look, choose an oversized denim jacket with appliqués or patches. To combine cowboy boots and denim, choose models in black, sand, or camel.

#5 Perfectly Combine Western Boots in Spring and Summer

Contrary to the assumption that cowboy boots are more suitable for autumn, you can actually wear them all year round - even in summer. Western boots pair particularly well with light summer dresses, skirts, shorts, and even with light fabrics like linen or silk. So, for example, opt for an elegant, long slip dress or a playful floral dress that you can combine with cowboy boots with a high shaft for an exciting style clash.

#6 How to Combine Cowboy Boots in Autumn and Winter

Cowboy boots are the perfect footwear for autumn and winter - thanks to their high shaft, they keep you wonderfully warm and look great at the same time. For a suitable autumn look with cowboy boots, you can pair them perfectly with dark denim, straight-cut pants, and an oversized jacket. But they also look great with a skirt and blazer. Pairing cowboy boots with a maxi dress creates an exciting yet harmonious look. Colors like black, metallic, or brown are ideal for autumn.

#7 Cowboy Boots for a Party Outfit or Event

Cowboy boots don't fit every festive occasion or party. As a wedding guest or at a company event, you might want to opt for a different type of footwear. If you still want to wear your favorite pair of cowboy boots to a party, we recommend saving them for drinks with friends in a bar, a festival, a romantic dinner, or a night out at a club. Here, styles can be a bit more extravagant. Cowboy boots create an exciting contrast when combined with an elegant outfit made of shiny fabrics like silk or adorned with rhinestones. Here's how: Style, for example, a slip dress or a slip skirt with cowboy boots with a high shaft and a blazer. For a style clash and a cohesive party outfit, you can also combine a lace dress or top or a high-quality wool sweater with a leather skirt or pants and cowboy boots.

Are Cowboy Boots Still In?

The history of cowboy boots continues to this day: the popular Western-style shoes have not only been seen on the runways of major fashion brands such as Bottega Veneta, Isabel Marant, and Ganni since last year but have literally found their way into the wardrobes of many personalities. Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner are setting the example.

In 2024, the trend shoe scores not only with its cool, casual vibe but also with its versatility - numerous street-style looks prove not only that Western boots can be combined equally well with a delicate slip dress and a crochet dress but also that cowboy boots are absolutely modern in 2024.

Even though classic cowboy boots have reached their peak in the past, they are currently experiencing a fashionable revival. Western boots are available today in various designs. You can find our favorites for women right here on ByAdushka:

#1 Black Cowboy Boots

#2 Cowboy Boots in Brown

#3 Cowboy Boots in White and Beige

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