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Styling Ideas for Cool Blazer Looks

Styling Ideas for Cool Blazer Looks

Whether black, grey, blue, made of velvet, tweed, cotton, or linen with checks, pinstripes, mottled, or textured patterns: the blazer comes in countless variations.

Our models share one thing in common; they are all timeless and sustainably produced in limited quantities. Elleremodelista's blazers are crafted from the finest Italian vintage men's jackets and expertly curated, disassembled, and finished with new inspiration in the 'Laboratorio' in the heart of the historic city of Pietrasanta by designer Laura di Ciregia. Every detail is reimagined during this process.

Here are our top styling tips, from oversized blazers to short ones!

Oversized Blazers

Comfortable and on-trend for several seasons, oversized-cut models are suitable for a business casual look in the office but also fit well into everyday styles due to their relaxed cut. To perfect the oversized blazer look, pair it with slim pants, a dress, or a narrow skirt to balance your silhouette. Match it with a simple shirt or t-shirt. To add a personal touch to your outfit, incorporate statement accessories like your favorite vintage sunglasses, velvet cowboy boots, or a trendy base cap like our Lola Hats model.


Fitted Blazers

A fitted blazer is currently at the forefront of our fashion radar. Instead, round off your outfit with belts featuring special details or handwoven belts with an ethnic look from Guanabana.


Short Blazers

As a much shorter alternative to the oversized blazer, cropped blazers are currently making appearances in our Instagram feed. Cropped blazers work beautifully in spring and summer, paired with boot-cut jeans, as a light jacket over a satin dress, or with short skirts, contrasting long, tight maxi skirt variations.


Blazers in Bold Colors

A cool blazer doesn't always have to be black or grey! Instead, try adding some color. Vibrant colors are the perfect way to wear your blazer in a dopamine dressing style. Whether in yellow, pink, lime green, or pastel blue, bright colors make your look lively and bring positive vibes. To combine a bold blazer, choose a simple straight regular jeans from Happy Haus or pair it with pants in the same color to create a suit look. Want to try color-blocking or prefer a bit of understatement? Then pair the blazer with neutral, calm pieces in a different shade, like a neutral bag or sand-colored cowboy boots.


Blazers with Skirts

The contrast between the boxy form of a blazer and the light femininity of a skirt creates a cool style clash. The look works well because each piece stands on its own yet complements the other. Pleated or flowing skirts made of mesh materials or trendy denim skirts with a slit go well with blazers.

Pair it with a maxi skirt from Litkovska and high heels to visually elongate your legs. A simple t-shirt or blouse ensures that the blazer and skirt take center stage. With such an outfit, you are perfectly dressed from a relaxed brunch to a formal party.

Want to make your blazer winter-ready? Then go for the layered look! It works either in a more elegant Scandi style by effortlessly draping or knotting a cashmere sweater in a natural color from ByAdushka over your shoulders or tying it once across your shoulder and waist. Alternatively, you can go for a cooler style clash with a thick hoodie under the blazer. The look becomes winter-ready, especially with a Litkovska black blazer or a dark blue blazer.


Checkered Blazers

When it comes to blazers, one pattern is particularly trendy: checkered! Patterned blazers are especially nice in early autumn and serve as a chic alternative to a jacket. We'll show you how to wear this piece with style: pair it with flowing silk pants in a contrasting color, a soft blouse, and add a cap and statement earrings.


Patchwork Blazers

The patchwork look popularized by Harry Styles and brands like Christian Dior and Bode is exactly what we love now. Mixing and matching different fabrics and materials is making a comeback. 

"Waste is not waste until we waste it."


Wear your patchwork blazer over jeans and a tank top for a casual look, or pair it with an elegant silk blouse for an interesting mix. A true wearable piece of art.


In general, blazers look most stylish when worn open, unless it's a blazer dress. The blazer looks casual and stylish when draped over the shoulders, following the fashion motto of "I just threw it on." An absolute power combination is wearing the blazer as a two-piece with matching pants, either with long pants as a suit or with shorts as a co-ord. Style clashes with the androgynous blazer always look great, whether with a romantic ruffled blouse or tight skinny jeans. Feeling warm? Then opt for a sleeveless top and bike shorts or shorts. Or do it like Ashley Park (known from Emily in Paris) and pair her sporty Skechers sneakers, in the no-pants trend, with an elegant blazer. It creates a pretty cool outfit. The key is to always experiment with what looks best on you; not every outfit looks the same on everyone.

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