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Nomad House

Nomad House

By Adushka presenting Nomad House

Behind every successful brand stands a strong community that shares the same values, interests and world outlook. 

There are many ways we, at By Adushka, try to stay connected to our community. We do that digitally through our newsletter and Social Media accounts, but as the digital space becomes daily more noisy and saturated and experiences can disappear with just one click, we wanted to create something that lasts longer, that leaves an emotional impression and a deeper footprint in our friends, partners and customers.

Our weekend event at Hotel Europe was a reminder for all of us how important personal connection and the relationship with people is. How much value we put on writing our own narrative, and telling our own tales, vs. liking and following and communicating digitally.



We wanted to create a true sensory experience that will make an impact on the way you wear your clothes and the way you show up in this world. 




Thank you all for coming! For being with us! 

Thank you Luisa Rossi for the light, joy and the professional styling advice you bring to our events

Thank you Hotel Europe for providing us a sacred, elegant and sophisticated space that stands out with exceptional attention and care for every detail

Thank you Tim for your charming presence and the cool music, which was in perfect alignment with our brand essence

Thank you Esther Seibt for your wisdom, light and authentic singing that gets through the daily noise of our lives and helps us reconnect with what is on the inside. 

Thank you Inès Kelly for the calm, peace and love you bring to our events, for the harmony you create within each one of us with your human design readings and Moon Rituals

Thank you Elisa Hutter, our photographer who cought all our emotions during this experience

We want to do a special thank's also to our friends Brenda Tavares, Olga Gruzina, Lorena Lareo Carral, fashion editor of BMQ Magazine and Stephanie Kelly from Elevated Living.

Thank you all our guests and customers who made it to our event that day!




If you want to receive your personal photos, made by our photographer Elisa Hutter, please request from our team. 

In the meantime, discover our latest arrivals.

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