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Art&Fashion Online Event

Art&Fashion Online Event

The genius, Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” But why is curiosity important? When we are curious, we are more resourceful and more inclined to listen and take an interest in other things. Curiosity is the desire to learn, to understand new things, and to know how they work and it is the vehicle used by the open minded people, which takes them to different places, allowing them to explore and discover different possibilities. 


By Adushka believes that there is nothing more important than being curious; which is why the team is committed to organising events, talks and workshops with creative entrepreneurs, artists and stylists, as well as lifestyle coaches, in order to inspire and empower you, our loyal customers and friends, to live your best life. We believe there icy so much wisdom to share amongst women and we can learn so much from each other through sharing, we have to support and empower each other so we feel stronger and able to achieve our dreams. Welcome to our community! 

On the 30th of April By Adushka organized an online event on instagram at Atelier Roshi, where we met with the artists Roshana Khalilian.

Born in Iran, Roshanak Khalilian studied for her BA in Art & Literature, followed by art history studies at the Open University of UK. She travelled the world till one day she decided to settle in Switzerland, where she lives with her family, paints and teaches to kids and adults creative workshops. She continues learning history and history of art with the University of Oxford. Her works evoke contrasting and even conflicting feelings and experiences: hope and death, wealth and poverty, joy and sadness, the light and the dark aspects of hope in life.

They reflect the ambiguity and fullness of human nature and the power of hope.




The focus of the event was the relationship between Art & Fashion, two worlds that have simultaneously co-existed and collided for centuries. The bond between these two art forms, which originated as early as the Renaissance, is united by the creativity that characterises both. 

Going back in history, we find many examples where art has inspired fashion and vice versa. In 1937, for example, Elsa Schiaparelli, which was one of the most prominent figures in fashion, partnered with Salvador Dalì, the very inspiration behind many of her designs, to create the famous "Lobster Dress".



Roshanak also said that probably in her subconscious she is always influenced by fashion. Want to know a curiosity that amazed us? Roshanak likes to use gold in her paintings, inspired by her own culture, the Persian history and Gianni Versace. Extraordinary, right? 




During the live event, many interesting facts emerged about fashion and art, how they influence each other since the beginning of time and how they inspire each other.

Karin Kämpf, Founder and CEO of By Adushka, who has been working in fashion for over 30 years, also gave her opinion on the subject; stating that in her careful choice of brands she is always mindful of the presence of the artistic element in clothing. "My Sleeping Gypsy, for example, as well as Nina Leuca or Momonì are genuine art forms" - she explained. 


Curious to know more about this topic? Then don't miss the IGTV on our instagram channel!







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