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Urban Bohemian: Fusing Boho Styles

Urban Bohemian: Fusing Boho Styles

Learn how to incorporate unique statement pieces into your everyday life. This exciting workshop with Luisa Rossi will teach you how to infuse your look with color and personality. 

Grab the chance to receive some of the best styling advice out there first hand, from the iconic Swiss stylist Luisa Rossi herself.

Known for her exquisite yet sophisticated flair for fashion, she’s bringing her passion and expertise into our by Adushka store in Zürich and Bern, so don’t miss out.



Does getting dressed seem more of a task than a pleasure? Whether you are struggling to combine bohemian essentials or just in search for tips and tricks on how to enhance your everyday outfit, with Luisa Rossi you’ll be in good hands.

We’ll be presenting our newest Spring Summer essentials and assisting you on how to set powerful accents to show your unique personality through your style. Luisa Rossi’s down-to-earth approach in understanding what you need and how to emphasize your features is mind blowing. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

By the end of this one-hour workshop, you’ll understand more about how to pick out outfits that reflect your personality. And if this isn’t exciting enough, you’ll also be handed a voucher for the by Adushka store to help you get started!

And what would a workshop be without a small «Apèro». Adding to this experience, the by Adushka Team will provide you with regional wine and vegan snacks.



Time & Date Zürich
Sunday the 19th of March
11 am - 12 pm
[private shopping from 12 pm]
Location Zürich
Zinnengasse 4 | 80001, Zürich

RSVP with your details to reserve your spot



Time & Date Bern
Friday the 21st of April
7 pm - 8 pm
[private shopping from 8 pm]
Location Bern
Rathausgasse 16 | 3011 Bern, Switzerland

RSVP with your details to reserve your spot


Check out Luisa Rossi's YouTube channel
and her Instagram for more inspiring styling advice!

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