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Walk «The Walk», wear «The Talk»

Walk «The Walk», wear «The Talk»

I am excited to introduce this amazing opportunity to you!

In our upcoming event «The Walk», you will gain insights into the creative process of artists in the Oederlin area, hosted by By Adushka in collaboration with Tanz & Kunst Königsfelden, Slow Living, Rolly's Art and Anneliese Moosberger. 

On the 4th of May 2023, for the first time ever, you will get an exclusive glimpse into the rehearsals of «Heimlich seufzen die Winde», directed by Brigitta Luisa Merki and choreographed by Filipe Portugal, who leads an international, contemporary dance ensemble in a performance that pays tribute to the delicate poetry of Pessoa and the soulful sounds of Fado singing. This creation by choreographer Filipe Portugal is a source of inspiration and impetus for sensitive dance expressions, interpreted by an international, contemporary dance ensemble.

The Swiss-Portuguese choreographer Filipe Portugal lives in Switzerland. From 2005 to 2020, he danced as a soloist and principal dancer at the Ballet Zürich under the direction of Heinz Spoerli and Christian Spuck. Filipe Portugal trained at the National Conservatory of Portugal in Lisbon, after which he became a member of the National Ballet of Portugal and the Ballet Zürich. 

Brigitta Luisa Merki
is an award-winning artistic director, choreographer and dancer, who was honored with the Hans-Reinhart-Ring award in 2004. She has founded her own creative transformation in the development of the traditional, but never fixed flamenco. Her artistic creations are characterized by her persistent search for a contemporary dance and stage language, that remain true to the authenticity and inner expression of flamenco. Merki founded and been the artistic director of the «Flamencos en route» dance company from 1984 - 2020. She has collaborated with many important flamenco artists and created choreographies for various schools and institutions in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Join our celebration in Oederlin, starting at the By Adushka showroom, where you can try on unique styles of our Spring Summer ‘23 collection. Some of the most exclusive pieces are showcased at ByAdushka. From our ethical, bespoke, niche designers all around the world to the showroom in Baden. We welcome you to come in and browse around our these curated collections, while we proudly share the story behind each thoughtfully selected piece.

Afterwards you’ll experience rehearsals of «Heimlich seufzen die Winde» and will be able to take a walk through the Oederlin Ateliers; «Slow Living»«Rolly's Art» and the atelier space of Anneliese Moosbeger.


SLOW.LIVING - Slow is the new black

SLOW.LIVING is inspired by nature and celebrates carefully assorted products for both a relaxed home and lifestyle. These exclusive pieces are produced in small quantities by artisans and small fair-trade cooperatives with great love, skill and creativity. At SLOW-LIVING you will be able to find both local and treasures, as well as beautifully delicate and thoughtfully selected items found across different countries, all sustainably produced with high quality natural materials.


Rollanda Ibernini – «Rolly's Art»

Alluvial wood is just one of her fascinations. Driftwood, shaped by nature, treated by storms, waterfalls, currents and rapids, with their former purpose washed away.

«Probably my Jamaican descent has something to do with this fascination.» Rollanda Ibernini

Rust and Metal are other elements, that have grabbed her interest ever since her apprenticeship as a machine drafter at Brown Boveri. The variety of shapes obtained through of casting, welding and stamped mechanical parts still impresses her. Her Atelier is located beside the foundry, as she still finds inspiration and familiarity in the smell and sound of the working with metal. Rollanda Ibernini finds beauty in the discarded.  

«The way I look is the way I am. The way I am I don’t always want to be.» Rollanda Ibernini


Anneliese Moosberger

For Anneliese art is more than just something beautiful. It is the opportunity to express ideas, thoughts and feelings to share them with others. She is inspired by natural forms, landscapes and architecture and transmitting these abstract visions onto a canvas or other forms of media.

She strives to capture the atmosphere around these places or structures, generating an emotional resonance for the viewer. The exploration and experimental use of various tools and techniques are part the creative and abstract process of her art. Anneliese Moosberger has been working in her own studios in the Oederlin area for over a year now.


Itinerary for «The Walk» - Thursday 4th of May

13:00 Doors Open
The Walk and Welcome Apéro  
18:00 Meeting Point [for Rehearsals, RSVP provided]
Tanz & Kunst Königsfelden Rehearsals
Oederlin Areal, Loft 19
Landstrasse 1 | CH-5415 Obersiggenthal

18:30 Rehearsal
Tanz & Kunst Königsfelden «Heimlich seufzen die Winde»

19:00 Continuation of «The Walk» 
through the Atelier space of

Drinks and seriously delicious bites are provided for! 
[Only 25 people will have access to exclusive rehearsals of «Heimlich seufzen die Winde»]

See you soon,
Addi xoxo

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