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Your Christmas Gift Guide

Your Christmas Gift Guide

To finally be able to get all your Christmas presents in time without being reduced to running around the shops on an Advent Saturday? That's what many of us wish for. But in reality, it rarely works out: Time goes by too quickly and before you know it, the last week of Advent has begun.

This is the reason why we want to help you with your Christmas gift list, so that this year you can buy them calmly and harmoniously, thinking about the most suitable gift for people close to you.

What are you waiting for? Throw yourself on the sofa, light a scented candle and get inspired by our guide. 



That sense of comfort and warmth that envelops our time at home and makes it more enjoyable is something we all cannot do without! A lighted candle from Smells Like Spells, a soft pillow, a warm blanket from Moismont, a good inspirational book from New Mags... so many are the gift ideas that would make happy those who take cozy-living a life mantra!




We all know someone who is interested in the stars and the influence their behaviour has on us. We at the By Adushka Family take this field very much to heart, and therefore work with our partner Inès Kelly to share with you the best practices to implement these energies on our daily life. A great gift idea for anyone with an astrological interest is our Zodiac Bag line from Nina Leuca! 




Maybe we are not the green thumbs in the family, but we certainly know one! Whether it's a new gardening tool or a book to immerse oneself in stories of greenery while sipping the morning coffee, these ideas are sure to please every green-thumb!





We all know someone who loves sparkle, who shows up at every appointment with a different piece of jewellery, perfectly matched to every look and occasion. The jewellery lines selected by By Adushka offer jewellery for every taste, including unique pieces handcrafted using the upcycling technique. Guanabana, Stephane Szendy or 16ème Sud: choose the one that suits you best! 




Pardon the play of words... even the friendliest warmest person can fear the most intense cold this winter! Wrap them in a soft cashmere scarf from Injiri or The Key Tō Dean and you'll see the warm and radiant mood you're used to shine through! Also Phisique du Role's knitwear could be a great idea.





Many of us at By Adushka Family are smart workers, and some items are always much appreciated, especially those from Ofer! First and foremost, a good notebook on which to write down our to-do lists, deadlines and future plans!  




These tips are for the person you know who is particularly creative. She loves to be inspired by books and works of art. Our advice? Andy Gotts & Collector's Edition by New Mags, or the artwork created by Sam Maler. The creative person almost certainly also likes our handcrafted clogs from Antidoti




A lover of beauty and self-care cannot help but love the scents of Grand Sable's handmade soaps. Grand Sable compose a world of handcrafted objects, and shape them in collaboration with passionate, local and French artisans with unique and specific know-how. Everything is a matter of touch, smell, look, gestures and hands that apply to shape them. A sensitive and artisanal "handmade"- love love love! A product of Smells Like Spells of course could also be a good idea.




Ethno style stands for unconventional chic and colourful elegance. With handmade accessories in ethno style, you can give your girlfriend or mother bracelets or bags by Woyoyo that are made from high-quality sustainable materials. No off-the-peg gift: all items are individually made and bring a unique flair to the look. Other ethno tips? Handmade scarves, hair turbans by Turbi Turbi or kimonos by Kleed.





An ideal gift for the woman who always lives on the move: the bags by Elleremodelista and MamaZmia, two completely different styles, but which you will love! Both handmade: Elleremodelista is an Italian brand known for upcycled fashion, while MamaZmia is much more youthful, a cool brand of hand-embroidered bags. New Mags books can also be inspiring. 






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