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Antica Legatoria Ofer - Venice, Italy

Antica Legatoria Ofer - Venice, Italy

We are extremely pleased to present the newest addition to the By Adushka Family: a true art form that has been going on from generation to generation, with which we are honoured to collaborate. Don't miss this article to find out everything you need to know about this stationery brand made entirely in Italy.

(Ofer is also a great idea for sustainable Christmas gifts!)

Make your notes a work of art with Ofer


The old Ofer bookbindery proudly carries on the legacy of the historical bookbinding workshop, a veritable institution for the entire area of northern Italy in the field of traditional bookbinding and conservation restoration.



The most experienced bookbinders have not only been able to pass on the baton and their experience to a new and young generation of craftsmen and specialists, but they still collaborate in the restoration work, in order to maintain an important link of continuity in the creation and maintenance of an art that is as old as it is prestigious.



Our Karin, the Founder and Ceo of By Adushka, personally visited the wonderful world of Ofer, immersing herself in its colours and art. Touching the quality of this paper, while being explained how they are made by Venetian artisans, is an experience worth trying.




Ofer carries out artisan bookbinding services, scrupulously following traditional binding techniques. Our items are all made by hand, with needle, thread, rope, awls and paper folders, all the tools that have distinguished the art of bookbinding for centuries, combined with the precision, experience and professionalism that have always distinguished us.



As in every field of manufacturing, the objects are never identical to one another, precisely because they are not mass-produced, but made one by one, step by step and inch by inch. Thus, one-of-a-kind products are created.



Both for the bindings, as for the covers and for the interiors themselves, Ofer only provides us with materials that guarantee the highest quality standards, both in terms of aesthetics and the durability of the finished product.



Click here to discover the colourful world of Ofer: you will find hand-sewn notebooks, handmade marbled pens and unique block notes!


As well as adding a touch of colour to your office days, we also offer Ofer products as sustainable Christmas gifts. Think about it, it might be a good idea!



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