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New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

Beginning of a lunar cycle 

By Inés Kelly


As we leave the fiery energies of summer and Leo behind us, we step into a new season. The one of the earth sign, Virgo who is ushering in autumn. Virgo helps us to transition into the new seasonal energies and to integrate everything we experienced and learned from the season before. In essence, she is grounding our energies after the summer high. 

Leo supported us in our path of unconditional self-love, showing us that we are here to be expressive and creative. While Virgo is here to further teach us how innately worthy we are. 

We welcome in the Sun season of Virgo and her healing, rejuvenating energies that come along with it. In this season all health related activities will be received with supportive energy. Book that acupuncture session, go for long walks in the forest, do those in depth journaling sessions in your own sacred space. What healing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level are you being called to do this month? Where can you meet yourself and do something that will be nourishing for you as the holistic being you are? 

The symbol of Virgo is the one of the Maiden, the Virgin, in her purest form. She also represents the Harvest season which is typically around this time of the year. Virgo’s energy and essence is more practical. After the highly social and outwards driven energies of summer, Virgo invites us to begin planning, structuring and being organizational with our time for the season ahead. 

Every sun season, meaning every month, we experience a lunation called the New Moon marking the beginning of a lunar cycle. This is when the moon goes completely dark for one night. Similar to the void of light, we, too, are being called to turn inwards and become clear what we desire to manifest with a full heart for the month ahead. 





On Tuesday, the 7th of September, we have a New Moon in Virgo

The sun meets the Moon, both in the same astrological sign. Go within and explore your inner world. Ask yourself: how are you living your daily life? With what energy are you doing your everyday chores, routines, tasks and work? How devotional are you to your work, whether it be inner work or your daily business? 

Bring in that devotional energy into everything you do. It is not about what you do, it is about how you do it. And that is what the Virgo energy is about. She shows us to be of greater service to something higher than ourselves. That being in service can look very different for each and every one of us. It is about doing things whole-heartedly, and not because we should. Where are you “should-ing” yourself? 

Connect with the element of Earth. Virgo, being ruled by Mercury, has a quick way to process and analyze which can lead to anxiousness and impatience. This is why it’s important for us to come back to our bodies through grounding and embodiment techniques this season of Virgo. 

Walk barefoot as much as possible. Go for long walks in the forest and let nature absorb any stress or tension from your body and mind. Dance until you forget time and space to let stress flow through you. Know that we are whole beings, meaning everything we experience, we process on many levels including the physical. 





Ritual for the New Moon in Virgo

Sit by a tree this New Moon in Virgo, and journal out your intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle that goes about 4 weeks similar to a month. Be detailed, create a plan on enlightened action-steps to make your intentions for the month a reality and most of all believe with your whole heart that it is already yours. 



Dive deep this New Moon 

If you are interested in cultivating sacred space within as without this New Moon, join my online tribe, La Luna Circle for a New Moon Ceremony.

La Luna Circle is an online membership for women who honor the moon cycle. We gather every New Moon and Full Moon online to set intentions and release blocks that might be standing in our way. What awaits you in our online space are rituals, sitting in ceremony amongst like-minded women, shamanic journeys, a safe space to be held and seen. 



Happy New Moon, 

May it replenish you, 

May it heal your energies.

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