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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

What are you ready to shift this full Moon?

By Inés Kelly


Have you ever heard of the saying: “once in a blue moon”? Well, it means when something rare happens.

Every now and then we experience a 4th full moon in the same season. Typically we have 3. However, since the solar calendar does not add up with the lunar one, we are gifted from time to time with a rare lunar event. This is referred to as a blue moon. This Sunday, we are experiencing for the second time a Full Moon in Aquarius, an air sign. Rarely do we have a full moon twice in the same astrological sign. When this happens, we can look at it like the Universe is asking us to align, connect and shed the energies of that astrological sign further.




Every Full Moon the celestial sky is doing a balancing act of the moon, the sun and Earth. The moon and sun are standing in direct opposition from one another in polar-opposite signs. In astrology this is known as a challenging aspect. It causes tension, which is why you might feel agitated or emotional around the Full Moon. What happens is that the Full Moon brings it all out. And I mean ALL.  

Whatever is ready to come out from the shadow into the light the Full Moon will reveal with her illumination.

Life is full of polarity. Two opposing sides working together. Every sign embodies a high and low expression. With the moon being in Aquarius and the sun in Leo, we are being called to embody unconditional love for the individual and collective.



We are seeing a division currently happening, which is not a coincidence why we are experiencing a second full moon in this sign. Aquarius is a sign that embodies collective consciousness and how we can break the norm and create an aligned future with evolving consciousness. 

How can we be more visionary and innovative in our thinking to make change for the better for all?

Whereas Leo invites us to love the self, our individuality as it is, and to be in peace with who we authentically are. Only if you accept yourself for who you innately are, can you be fully yourself and speak your truth in all areas of your life.

In conjunction with the moon is Jupiter, currently in retrograde. This is highlighting our emotional world with an optimistic spin on things. However it being in retrograde brings this energy to turn inwards.

How can we believe in ourselves more to accomplish what we truly want? Where are we holding back or keeping ourselves small? Where are we not living in alignment with what we say we want in life? 

Reflect on these questions. Shed what is no longer aligned with your energies this Full Moon and set a powerful intention this Blue Moon for when the next time we have a Blue Moon, which is typically every 2 years.




Ritual for the Blue Moon


Knowing that this is a super rare occurrence, energy is higher and more charged than usual. Take this opportunity to write down your desires which you would like to see manifest on the next blue moon.

Connect with the color blue through writing your desires with a blue pen. Light a blue candle or have a symbol at your moon/spiritual altar that is blue.

The most important part to creating ritual is your energy - how are you breathing? Where is your energy going? What is the quality of your thoughts? When you step into sacred space it is all about aligning your energy to match what you innately desire to see manifest.


Happy Blue Moon, loves!






About Inés Kelly

Inés Kelly is a healer, moon astrologer and writer. She creates sacred spaces for women to heal through her 1:1 sessions and moon ceremonies. Lover of all things cycles: astrological, menstrual, lunar, seasonal. Ines started her journey with Astrology when she was 18 years old and the Moon became her daily muse during her second pregnancy. She became interested in the connection between women and their cycle with the Moon and eventually build a tribe of women, sitting together in ceremonies, sharing and learning how to live in alignment with their cycles, the moon and how to heal through ancient shamanic journeys. 


Ines deep desire for all women is to help them return back to a more cyclical way, to ebb and flow with life and nature, without trying to control results. She is devoted to igniting in women that inner sense of deep trust for life, their intuition and gifts. You can find and join Ines Moon Ceremonies at and on Instagram.

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