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Viktoria Tóth and her amazing Vegan Cakes

Viktoria Tóth and her amazing Vegan Cakes

We are happy to introduce our friend Viktoria, a strong independent woman who madly loves her work and puts her whole self into her creations. Everything started when she used to work in a Haute Cuisine Restaurant in Budapest and there she understood she wanted to be independent and become a cake designer. For her high quality is the most important.

There has to be love at first sight and first bite as well

So she opened NYERS* raw vegan cakes for any occasion, we already collaborated with her and she made the desserts for our last events. In her free time she is also a model. Don't miss this article and get ready to engage your senses and discover everything about this amazing woman!



Some questions from Karin Kämpf (owner & founder By Adushka) to our Friend, Viktoria Tóth, Curvymodel and Owner & Founder of NYERS Vegan Cakes

Karin: What is your connection to By Adushka, tell us the story of how you met and what you love…

Viktoria: I met with Karin approx a year ago, we found the common voice easily, the connection was Hungary the hungarian language, at the beginning, but we realized that we have many things that we both like. It's so easy to connect with her light, warm, easygoing and happy radiance anyhow, what all the ByAdushka clothes reflect too.

Karin: Can you tell us more about why you chose to become a Curvymodel?

Viktoria: I just help out my friend at Budapest who decided to be the first plus size photographer in Budapest, she needed pictures for her portfolio. My daugther was 6 months old, and I was 120 kg when we made the pictures, but they turned out really hot, I wore a red midi dress black floral lace tights, a platform high heels and held a big lollypop. It was so sexy. So....her career started, and mine journey too. After 8 years there isn't any plus size lady who doesn't know her name.



Karin: Can you share a favorite performance / touring memory? 

Viktoria: Yes. It was in Hamburg at the Diversity Fashion Days. I loved the diversity that appeared there, under the sky of the fashion and beauty and style. I had an amazing from top to toe sequin dress on the runway and I walked with a lady, Nina who was rolling in her wheelchair before me in the almost the same dress.

Karin: Can you tell us more about your Business: NYERS* Vegane Torten?

Viktoria: Yes, it's my third kid. I started it because of my health issues 6 years ago but it quickly overgrew my personal space, and I'm happy that the cakes make happy so many people around me, after Budapest, here in Switzerland too.



Karin: What is your inspiration for your daily outfits and how do you go about putting your looks together?

Viktoria: Sorry from the astrologers, the only thing I know, that I am double water sign (cancer & pisces) and that's why I don't know in which mood I'll be in the next 10 minutes, but also that's why I'm a really intuitive person, so my decision is based upon my current instinct and mood. Lucky me it always works.

Karin: What influence your creative process?

Viktoria: Nature, music and LOOOOVE.

I can't live without it and the subject is not always a person. I easily fall in love in all my cakes too. Or a delicious food, a beautiful sunset, a melody that twist your heart.

Karin: Some quotes you love?

Viktoria: "The secret ingredient is always love and the other one is; the cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek."

Karin: What is your sensory experience of where you live/work? Can you share a touch, taste, smell, look and sound…

Viktoria: I am living next to the forest with all its beauties like so many waterfalls, and thousands of birds... And few days ago, I started to paint, I can completely lost in the magical watercolour shades.



Karin: A favorite meal you like to cook for your loved ones?

Viktoria: Everything that reminds me of my granny's food. She had a hungarian-jewish kitchen, with all its tastes. Savoury or sweet doesn't matter.

Karin: A daily ritual - what keeps you grounded?

Viktoria: Cleaning my face and expressing gratitude at the end of the day... ahh and I always fall asleep with a smile on my face, I accept everything that happened on that day, and leave it behind.

Karin: Any books you are currently reading/music you are listening to?

Viktoria: I'll buy a new book, and I can't wait to read it during the holiday. Where the crawdad's sing, they say it's a beautiful novel... and song... I have new favourites everyday, that describes my current mood, and I listen them endlessly but now I'm listening "the Joker and the Queen" from Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, and the "When we were young" from Adele.

Karin: A wish for the next generation?

Viktoria: If the future is invisible yet, first let's make an order in the past.



Karin: A sentimental piece of clothing?

Viktoria: Ohhh nice question. I have so many memorable clothes... but if I have to choose it would be rather a colourful lace summer bag instead of a dress. My friend made me for my birthday. He sent me real time pictures of the process, with a birthday wish at the early morning, I've already started to cry at the first one, however I didn't know what will it be and for whom he makes it. I had no idea at all. This was my most beautiful birthday present ever. 

Karin: A prized possession from your travels? A ceramic, talisman, beauty product, textile, object, artwork...

Viktoria: Hmm...i have to think about it, I like my ceramic trivets from Greece and 2 colorful lamps from Turkey otherwise I moved a lot, so I gave away many things during the years. I am still waiting for the place, where I can settle down for longer time and that I can furnish finally as I really like.

Karin: A recent traveling experience/place/next destination...

Viktoria: Next destination is Crete in July, I can't wait.


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