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Introducing Claudia Canessa

Introducing Claudia Canessa

We are very happy to introduce our Friend, the Peruvian Chef Claudia Canessa, the chef of Yaku by Canessa restaurant at our favorite Vitznauerhof Hotel, who makes again a stop on the Central Swiss Riviera. She combines cultures, ingredients and spontaneous creativity to create fabulous dishes. Tattooed and with a winning smile, Canessa stands behind a desk like a DJ and rocks the kitchen of the former “Badi” on the Swiss Riviera. The pop-up restaurant convinces with the best ceviche, vegetarian dishes, lots of freshness and a casual ambience. Of course, the South American touch is not to be missed – the native Peruvian is the queen of spices.

During the winter she delights with her culinary creations in Saint Moritz and private chef on Ibiza in summer. The Peruvian cuisine is known for being a melting pot of different cultures; traditional Inka recipes are combined with Spanish influences and even Asian touches.


You have to know that the renowned business magazine, Bilanz, awarded Claudia Canessa the prestigious title Chef of the Year 2018. GaultMillau awarded the Sunny Bar and Claudia Canessa with 15 GaultMillau points.


Karin Kämpf, Founder and CEO of By Adushka, met our friend Claudia Canessa during the By Adushka Party at YAKU Restaurant and instantly became a fan and one of her favorite people

She spends a morning discussing about her art of kitchen and about her lifestyle. Be inspired by her answers!



Karin: What is your connection to By Adushka? Tell us the story of how you met and what you love…

Claudia: I got to know By Adushka the previous summer at the amazing Vitznauerhof Hotel, thanks to the pop-up stand. The clothes are amazing and some of them reminds me Mexico and south americans designs. 

Karin: I read in an interview that you like Frida Kahlo. Me too, by the way! I really like her strong charisma and aproach to fashion and her roots! What do you think you have in common with her?

ClaudiaBasically I love how she represented women. Her personality, her essence. Her art.

Karin: What is your inspiration for your daily outfits and how do you go about putting your looks together?

ClaudiaActually I love colours but in the kitchen I use lots of black.

When I'm at home or I go out it depends on how I feel on that particular day. 



KarinWhat influence your creative process?

ClaudiaMusic, regards, smells, dinners, friends, family... Almost everything.

Karin: What is your sensory experience of where you live/work? Can you share a touch, taste, smell, look and sound?

Claudia: I love the feeling (I would say the smell) when you are near the water (lake, sea..). How you perceive that it is close is magical. I feel it like a smell. Surely the rest oft he people would fell it differently or perhaps similarly.



Karin: A favorite meal you like to cook for your loved ones?

Claudia: Homemade food, something that everybody wants to eat.

Karin: A daily ritual - what keeps you grounded? 

Claudia: I always light an incense and a piece of Palo Santo for good energy.

Karin: Any books you are currently reading/music you are listening to? 

Claudia: The book "Ni en Sueños" written by Brenda Simmons. And as music I would say Monolink (Mayan Warriors) and Chancha Via Circuito.




Karin: A wish for the next generation? 

Claudia: Love, peace, respect.

Karin: A sentimental piece of clothing? 

ClaudiaA red vintage body with lace.

Karin: A prized possession from your travels? A ceramic, talisman, beauty product, textile, object, artwork...

Claudia: Two smalls buddhas.

Karin: A recent traveling experience/place/next destination... 

Claudia: I went to Peru to spend some quality time with my family. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Cusco is such a magical place!



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