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Interview with Tanja La Croix | Swiss Model, DJ and Producer

Interview with Tanja La Croix | Swiss Model, DJ and Producer

Getting Dressed with Tanja La Croix

About courageous women who make the impossible possible

Tania La Croix is wearing the daring style of Elisabetta Franchi, a true symbol of Made in Italy

Interview and text by Tsitaliya Mircheva

You can find many similarities between the Swiss model, DJ and producer Tanja La Croix and the Italian fashion designer Elisabetta Franchi, whose style and fashion pieces Tanja loves wearing. Both women share unlimited passion and a sheer devotion for their work. They’re strong, opinionated and pragmatic, and yet still feminine and very human.

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When asked what women she designs for, Elisabetta Franchi answers: “A woman who is a fighter, and also feminine and sensual. I love women who do not refuse their nature. A woman can be sensual without going to extremes. We were born as women and we must move forward based on our merit.” (

When I asked Tanja what she likes about EF clothes, she told me: “It’s the beautiful fabrics, the excellence of her design and her attention to detail. They’re so wearable, and yet glamorous. They’re sexy, but also classy. I can wear absolutely every piece of her collection and I feel good in them all. EF clothes are made for confident women, women who have self-love and self-respect.

Take a look at how Tanja wears three pieces she picked up from the By Adushka selection:

The overalls are a great piece I’d wear when shopping in Zurich or going out with friends. I would wear this piece for a more casual afternoon and will pair it with flats. 

The blue pants and green body are my favourite outfit for a DJ night. First I love wearing pants, especially when I’m working. They’re easy to wear and I can move freely without worry. As you know I go wild during my performances and I dance and jump around!

 As for the green dress, I’d wear this for a dinner out or an event at a boat on the lake. This dress is so elegant and so sexy. I love it, and I’ll wear it with flats or moccasins to make it more easy and approachable. But I can also wear it in Mykonos at the beach in the evening.

Tsitaliya: Tanja how would you describe your personality?

Tanja: A top priority in my life is creativity. I have to be creative and be able to express myself, otherwise I lose my balance. I draw and paint, I produce music, I love to cook, everything that’s creative attracts me.

Tsitaliya: What don’t people know about Tanja La Croix?

Tanja: Well, there are many things people don’t know about me. But one thing’s for sure looking at my public profile and my Instagram account people often think everything in my life is perfect. The dress, the shoes, the hair, but the truth is I have days when I wake up and I don’t feel like doing anything. I don’t put on makeup and I don’t fix my hair. I spend the day in my old leggings and t-shirt. Not every day is perfect!

And I work hard. On SM you see only the sunny side of life, but when I work hard, really hard, I don’t think of SM and posting pictures on Instagram. I’m fully in my creative process, and in my ideas and work. Being creative takes a lot of your energy, not that I’m complaining! All I want to say is that I don’t get to spend every day in the Vitznauerhof Hotel, enjoying the view and having fun! Behind all this there’s a lot of work and sometimes it’s 7-days straight all day long.

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Tsitaliya: How do you recharge?

Tanja: I love hiking and nature, it brings me lots of peace.

Tsitaliya: As we have a special section on the By Adushka Blog about favourite places in Switzerland, can you share which is your favourite place? 

Tanja: As you know I come from St. Gallen, but for the last 7-years I’ve been living in Zurich. I love the whole of Central Switzerland. I love Luzern, Weggis and Vitznau, and Vitznauerhof Hotel in particular is one of my favourite places to be. The view is so peaceful, the team is so friendly and I can do one of my hikes on Rigi Mountain or relax next to the lake and read a nice book. 

Tsitaliya: Tanja you do so many things and you’re always full of energy and so positive and vibrant! How do you manage to always look perfect? What motivates you to keep going and to have this child-like enthusiasm for everything?

Tanja: I’m a self-motivated person. Back in school times I was an outsider and I didn’t get any attention. After I started my DJ career, my colleges didn’t believe in me as well. Somehow they fuelled my ambition at the beginning by not taking me seriously as a professional. Now for the last 22-years I’ve been doing all the things that I love doing and fuelling my energy too. For me there are almost no lazy unmotivated days. I’m an ambitious, driven person with a vision and I move towards achieving my vision. I often put myself under a lot of pressure. I’ve accepted that’s who I am. I like to make things perfect in my life.

Tsitaliya: Do you have a role model?

Tanja: My role model is my Mother who’s 68 and has also been my manager for the last 12-years. She’s amazing and has great energy. I always admire her!

Tsitaliya: What makes you laugh these days?

Tanja: I watched a very funny movie recently, ‘The Wrong Missy’. It really made me laugh, but I laugh a lot with my sister and my friends too.

Tsitaliya: What words do you live by?

Tanja: “You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible!” By Hermann Hesse.

Tsitaliya: Where can we see you next?

Tanja: Sunrise Skylights Drive - In Openair at the Zurich Flughafen! Get your tickets now, I’m there every day for the Pré-Show!

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