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Interview with Brenda Tavares from Seidenraupen

Interview with Brenda Tavares from Seidenraupen

Brenda Tavares from Seidenraupen talks about Travelling in Style this summer and her favourite By Adushka pieces.

In a world where the minimalist movement keeps surging and the tonal approach to dressing is ruling Instagram, bloggers like Brenda Tavares stand out with her radiant and optimistic aesthetics and dolce-vita travel lifestyle.

Brenda’s photos from Cannes and Cote D’Azur remind you of Grace Kelly’s captivating style and stunning self-possession! Brenda’s travel blog, “Seidenraupen”, maintains a unique identity with amazing nature landscapes, colourful city photography, architectural details and a touch of personal style, all without sacrificing the usefulness of the content. We fell in love with Brenda’s style on Instagram and then with her blog’s visual stories. Naturally we reached out for a collaboration. The Brazilian born blogger, who’s lived in Switzerland for the last 2-years, chose three pieces from our current selection. It comes as no surprise that she picked up Nina Leuca’s rustic summer dress, a My Sleeping Gypsy elaborately
embroidered dress and Elisabetta Franchi’s playful short overall.
We also used this opportunity to learn a little more about Brenda Tavares lifestyle as a Travel and Fashion Blogger.

Story told by Tsitaliya Mircheva

Tsitaliya: Hello Brenda, where are you at the moment?
Brenda: In the South of France and my plan is to spend 12 days between Provence and the Cote D’Azur. I came in this specific time to Provence to see the lavender fields blooming. I always dreamed of this experience and I am happy I could do it this year. It was unforgettable: the colour of the fields, the smell of the flowers, the sunset light... and finally swimming in salty waters after those long days of quarantine.

Tsitaliya: Can you share what you packed in your suitcases for your trip to France?
Brenda: As a traveller I really appreciate comfortable but charming outfits, the ones that will make me feel unique. I also organize them in a way that I can mix different pieces, so I don’t need to bring that much. I like to be flexible and have different choices.
This time I brought with me linen, cotton or silk outfits. For day, afternoon or night tours. They mostly need to be fresh for the hot weather but still elegant, as I love to walk around and discover new places, and go from the beach to a nice restaurant, for example.

Tsitaliya: How do you describe your personality and your style with a few words?
Brenda: I am a passionate metamorphosis! Heart comes always first! I love to be surrounded by family and friends. But when you move constantly around the world, you experience different aspects of reality and you need to adapt to the new “environment” many times, which means you abandon a bit of who you were before. It hurts! But it makes you stronger!
In terms of style I think it’s very eclectic. Some days I feel like I’m in a movie, in others I wanna be a rockstar, or just a casual woman. I wear what I desire in that moment. But one thing is always present in what I wear: I need to feel great in whatever I choose! I don’t think about what others would say. I dress up for myself, to look in the mirror and feel confident. That’s the most important!

Tsitaliya: Talking about adapting to a new environment and lifestyle, did your style change when you moved from Brazil and Italy to Switzerland?
Brenda: I didn’t change my style when I moved to Switzerland. This is who I am! Of course I had to adapt it in terms of weather, but I am still that Brazilian girl who lived in Italy. So, most of who I am today and how I style myself comes from this background.

Tsitaliya: Which pieces do you like the most from By Adushka?
Brenda: I like most of the selection. Today I am wearing a piece from My Sleeping Gypsy. I love the feeling of liberty that this dress gives to me! As a traveller it counts a lot. At the same time I admire brands who still craft their clothes so preciously. It reminds me of my roots and the story connects me even more to what I wear.

Tsitaliya: What role does fashion play in your life? Are you interested in fashion and what do you love about it?
Brenda: Fashion is a tool that helps me to express myself without words. More and more lately I’ve been falling in love with those brands that make slow fashion. Great quality, responsibility, sustainability are becoming very important to me. When I think about my country and how many jobs the fashion industry gives to women I think about empowerment. Many of those ladies are the main source of income in their families, and I feel in a certain way proud of them and of all the others who have a chance to change their reality, to live their dream through fashion.

Tsitaliya: You often write on your blog about your travels in Switzerland. Which is your favourite place in Switzerland now?
Brenda: That’s a difficult question. I love different parts of Switzerland! Vitznau is a wonderful place! The mountains of Appenzell for a day in nature. Lately I’ve discovered how vibrant Lausanne is and I was totally surprised! And of course, Zürich, that has a special place in my heart!

Tsitaliya: What words do you live by?
Brenda: Freedom, peace, respect and love!

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