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Interview with Jaz Brunner | Swiss Model and Blogger

Interview with Jaz Brunner | Swiss Model and Blogger

Getting dressed with Jaz Brunner

Sustainability, Craftsmanship and Character in Fashion


The Swiss model, blogger and founder of Rogues Artist Management Ltd, a creative photography agency, chose to wear My Sleeping Gypsy – here’s why:


Interview by Tsitaliya Mircheva


Most people know Jaz Brunner from the catwalk, where she’s spent the last 13-years walking for D&G, Cavalli, Vogue, Wella and many more. What most people don’t know about Jaz is that she’s one of those multi-talented, hard-working, passionate and driven women, who believe in traditional values like family, friendship and ethics at work!

After travelling and working around the world, Jaz returned to her homeland Switzerland three years ago. Today she’s still working as a model and is represented by one of the best agencies in Zurich, Scout Models. She’s also a style editor and creative director, collaborating with magazines, fashion brands and agencies around the world. Five years ago Jaz founded her creative photography agency, Rogues Artist Management Ltd. Her mission is to support and represent other creatives and artists in the industry, to create original and meaningful content for brands around the world.

Authentic, smart and straightforward, Jaz Bruner represents an exciting breed of business women who seem capable of running the world in a perfectly composed and cool way!

If you want to know more about Jasmin and her lifestyle, follow her on Instagram or visit her blog.



In the meantime, we asked Jaz a few questions about fashion, and why she chose to wear My Sleeping Gypsy for the “By Adushka” Launch:


Tsitaliya: Hello Jaz, I hope you’re having fun tonight at the By Adushka Launch! How did you get to know the By Adushka team and founder Karin Kämpf?

Jaz Brunner: I was introduced to Karin by Julia Faulhaber. Karin is such a genuine, lovely and passionate person. It’s beautiful to see her idea of opening her own shop coming to life. When great people follow their passions, I like to support them, given the opportunity. Passions and dreams are the essence of life and the driving force behind every unique outstanding company. I like the spark in individuals who work on causes they love. It’s an honor to be part of this launch campaign, and to be together with all these wonderful and powerful women tonight.



Tsitaliya: How would you describe your personality?
Jaz Brunner: I’m someone that’s fascinated by artistic creation, by quality, and longevity. I believe in good relationships and am very family-orientated. I highly value friendship and loyalty. I am quite diplomatic in that sense, inquisitive and open to exploring new ways.
The business we work in really isn’t as it’s often perceived – cold and heartless. Actually we work together and value each other. I believe giving is always better than taking, but I don't tolerate exploitation. And by that, I also mean taking for granted or undervaluing anyone’s work, especially creatives and artists.
Professionally, I like straightforward people with good energy that are easy to deal with. I don’t like wasting too much time on things that feel negative or in my eyes don't lead anywhere. I prefer to focus on the aspects that make our lives better; a fun, professional and trusted environment keeps stress to a minimum. I try to maintain this as much as possible.



Tsitaliya: Tonight you’re wearing My Sleeping Gypsy, why did you choose this label? What do you like about it?

Jaz Brunner: The brand resonates with me. The dresses and tops are bohemian and have a 70’s feel. I love good craftsmanship; you can tell the stitching is done by hand, and the linen is premium. The pieces are even more beautiful when you hold them in your hands. You can feel that you want to keep them for a long time, which makes them extremely sustainable. The label inspiration comes from the Ukrainian heritage of Vyshyvankas, with a modern twist. But for me, as I don’t have much connection to the Ukraine, the pieces remind me of beautiful summer days here in Switzerland, Italy, Greece, or France. They give a holiday feel, even on a busy working day.


Tsitaliya: What role does fashion play in your life?

Jaz Brunner: Clothes hold memories; of the places you’ve been, the experiences you had wearing them, even of where you bought them. This is why I like shopping on my trips. But if I get bored with something in my wardrobe, I don’t throw it out straight away. Whenever I give up something special too soon, I regret it afterwards. It’s better to keep such items stored for a few seasons. You may be excited to wear them again after that. It will feel like a new item, but even better because it’s yours with your memories.

For me fashion is a way of expression. At the same time I don’t take it too seriously. What I mean by this is that it should remain fun and effortless, instinctive, and personal. My approach is to wear clothes that make me feel good. There are more important things in life than worrying about what other people might think. I don't like obsessing, but I have a passion for fashion and beautiful things in general, and love dressing.



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