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Interview with Julia Faulhaber from Faulhaber Agency

Interview with Julia Faulhaber from Faulhaber Agency

Getting dressed with Julia Faulhaber from Faulhaber Marketing

Interview by Tsitaliya Mircheva

Julia Faulhaber, is the founder of the Faulhaber Marketing Services Agency (link), offering luxury hotels and brands tailor-made solutions in the fields of marketing and public relations. She is also the fabulous and brave mom of two boys who happens to be one of the most genuine and grounded people I’ve ever met. Julia is one of the few women I know who looks comfortable with who she is and possess inner radiance that’s hard to compete. For the By Adushka Launch she chose to wear My Sleeping Gypsy dress, one of our hero pieces (link) and a hat from Lola Studio.

Here is what she thinks about Style and Story Telling in Fashion. 

Tsitaliya: How do you know Karin Kämpf and By Adushka?

Julia Faulhaber: I met Karin Kämpf two years ago for a project we were working on. Karin has become an incredibly good friend. In fashion there is no other person who can advise so much in synch with your body type and who immediately sees and connects individuality with style. Karin herself is a style icon for me and I am delighted to see her using her talent to finally launch her own fashion boutique. Now I no longer have to go to Milan to find a unique outfit, I can find it at By Adushka.

Tsitaliya: How do you describe your personality?

Julia: Others can probably say more about me. I am an optimistic person, positive and I like to laugh. Curious, enthusiastic and open for new things. I think this is also reflected in my style.

Tsitaliya: What are you wearing tonight?

Julia: I am wearing a dress from My Sleeping Gypsy. I love the story behind this Ukrainian company. It is inspired by the mythical tale of Vyshyvanka‘s dress, which passes from mother to daughter to protect her. So the dresses bring luck to the person wearing it. Each model is handmade, using only natural materials as linen and silk. It’s a nice combination of heritage, sustainability and style.

Tsitaliya: What role does fashion play in your life?

Julia: I love it when clothes highlight personal beauty and emphasize the character. For me fashion is a feeling of well-being. Good quality fabrics are important to me and I simply love to dress beautifully.


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