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Who is Adushka?

Who is Adushka?

Meet Adushka - in collaboration with Marta Gépe

We are glad to introduce Adushka to our ever-growing community.

That's right, we decided to put a face to By Adushka, drawing her as a sophisticated, but above all nice and stylish conscious woman, a creative woman who can be any one of us. Through this icon we want to tell our stories and convey the values of our community, including handmade, simplicity and kindness. 

With the creation of our new graphics, which are already online on our website, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a talented artist, Marta Gépe, a young woman who we have integrated with great pleasure into our project. She is an illustrator, author and creativity mentor based in London, UK. Marta defines herself as imaginative, determined and curious. Her background is very varied, including a master's degree in Intercultural Communication for Business, several courses on business branding, and the Children's Picture-Book Illustration summer school at Cambridge School of Art. 

Telling stories is her passion, and helping brands tell theirs as a brand storyteller fills her days with joy. Marta has exhibited her art in Hampstead (London), and is planning her forthcoming exhibition for 2022.



We hope you enjoy our new project. Adushka is now the representative part of our community and she will be the one to pass on our values, focused on high quality, craftsmanship, timeless fashion and preserving cultural heritage. The figure of Adushka will also present our services and reveal our news.



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