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Get inspired by Carmen's favorite Fall Winter 2021 looks

Get inspired by Carmen's favorite Fall Winter 2021 looks


Contemporary Woman and Model

We asked one of our By Adushka's friends, Carmen, to share with us her favorite items from our current Fall-Winter 2021 collection - discover them here.




1 - Wool and Silk Black Midi Dress - Phisique du Role

Basic comfy pieces are undoubtedly my best friends - my wardrobe is mostly composed by timeless basic items and Phisique du Role’s Wool and Silk Black Dress is absolutely one of my favs!



2 - Tallis Clutch - Woyoyo

How can a bag be so cute, sustainable and handy at the same time? What I love the most about this bag is that it fits perfectly with the style a woman wants to achieve.




3 - Black Long Coat - Nina Leuca

It was love at first sight with Nina Leuca’s Black Long Coat! The print, the shape and the quality of the fabrics make this garment unique - I adore this coat because it therefore matches perfectly to my hair, I think it really stands out.



4 - Black Felt Hat - Momonì

An absolute must-have accessory in my wardrobe - a chic yet casual touch that gives your outfit a twist! 




5 - Bubble Lupetto - Phisique du Role

I live for basic dark outfits, but a piece of fluorescent piece of clothing is always good to give a touch of color to your look. One of my favorites is without a doubt Phisique du Role's Bubble Lupetto - it's super comfy and extremely versatile. I love it!


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