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Trend Report

Trend Report

This Spring Timeless Designs that you will never regret
As seen through the eyes of Julie Roux, a fashion stylist with an eye for timeless fashion gems and Tsitaliya Mircheva, writer, content curator and founder of Mums in Heels 





Julie : In the midst of conversing with Tsitaliya, the ever so chic founder of the Mums in Heels blog, she asked me to think on my favorite look for this spring.

The high waisted cinched pants; I answered without a shred of hesitation. I love the feel of creating the illusion of an ultra feminine hour glass figure for this style allows the wearer to portray that look wether they naturally have curves or not.


The simple act of the fabric folded beautifully together to create the cinch is enough. Pair this with a long coat and a t-shirt, a chic blouse or a tucked in sweater and voila! Lovely curves are yours.


Feeling a bit surprised as how naturally, and quickly this response sprung into mind decided to do some fashion history digging. As a woman infused with my French heritage the imagery of a cinching a woman’s waist is well documented. What I had not realised is that the effort a woman made to achieve this hour glass figure was in proportion to how fashionable exaggerated shoulders were at the period and that this dates back to the 16th century in France.






When I began to see this style reflected in the spring 2021 looks I had originally assumed this type of silhouette was a reference to the power suits of the 80s. A period where women often adopted a more masculine style as they pushed to enter the corporate world. But that felt a bit too easy of a reference so I dug around a bit further and uncovered a fun aspect of the history of cinched clothing but that’s another story for another time....


So Julie and I, we have many things in common: She is a native New Yorker and I am a New Yorker at heart! Our conversations sound like we grew up together, drinking lemonade, eating ice cream and listening to Lana Del Ray by the pool in the backyard of our parents’ houses.


Or as if we met on a sunny afternoon walking past the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan, giving each other a compliment on the shoes or the coat we chose to wear that day.






None of that actually happened. We met only last year at Vitznauerhof Hotel
in Switzerland, where By Adushka was celebrating the launch of its online shop. We hit it off immediately and of course we are planning a lot of exciting things together this year. Stay tuned ;)


But there is another common thing between us: Sustainable, timeless fashion and our fascination with By Adushka selection of brands.


Both Julie and I share an obsession for particularly one brand from this selection:

Physique du Role


As Julie loves the high waits cinched trousers (and skirts), I must say I am absolutely smitten by their Blazers and Duster Coats. Specifically the new approach that Physique due Role is taking on oversized destructed blazers, their choice of earthy and poetic colors like jade green and mocca, dark brown and rustic cream.


I love how their new blazers are so different than the oh-so- popular on Instagram oversized male blazer, representing female empowerment







I love that touch, that implication, weaved into the design! And yes we can wear striped blazers that look relaxed, we can wear long dusters over intricate fabrics and long bohemian dresses. We can do whatever the hell we want, right?!?


When looking at PDR pieces remember - pay attention to the details! There is a lot to say in details. Everyone in Fashion knows this. Notice the side cut on the long duster, notice the big pockets and the kimono style white belt or the double collar in different shades of brown and beige of the elegant linen blazer. I truly think PDR have mastered the art of expressions through texture, design details and cut.


Here are my favourites from this spring collection:

Click on the image to find out more about the products











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