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Traditions in Fashion

Traditions in Fashion

Why Traditions and Handcrafts are making a comeback in Fashion

By Tsitaliya Mircheva

Only a year ago the fashion world was mostly driven by fast-fashion seasonal trends, spontaneous purchases at the end of the week, one-off occasion pieces, or clothes that were worn just a few times. No one, except for the big fashion couture houses, was talking about traditions and craftsmanship in
making clothes. Self-expression and sustainability in fashion were vague ideas rather than daily conscious choices for most people.

Today so much has changed in fashion. Consumption habits have changed dramatically. Before making a purchase we have a lot more time to think and research online, and we’re less influenced by external factors. People have started asking questions like: How was this piece made? Who made it? What
value will it bring to my life? How will it  make me feel? How can it be styled with what’s already in my wardrobe?

After such a prolonged period of time with nowhere to go, most women (and men) have reduced spontaneous fast-fashion purchases and are now focusing on long-lasting garments that align with their values and lifestyle.

Values of tradition, culture and sustainability have
once again become important to most of us

Of course, this change makes all of us at By Adushka very happy. We strongly believe that fashion's mission should be focused on allowing us to express our personalities, moods, cultures, traditions and backgrounds. In other words, fashion has to reflect our otherness and mirror everyone’s truth.

For our By Adushka team, traditions and   
handcrafts have a very special place in
fashion. Almost every brand that you find
in our mindfully curated online boutique
has a story to tell. They have an old
tradition weaved into some kind of detail,
or a serious craft engaged in the process
of making the garment.

Another reason why we value traditions so much is because they have the power to create a sense of belonging, a sense of meaning, and they serve as reminders of our shared experience both individually and collectively.

Fashion is an industry steeped in tradition

Finally, we are so happy to be able to share with you a collection of modern, sustainable fashion garments. They’re ethically produced and involve old skills and traditions and are accessible and easy to wear in everyday life. We’re no longer only looking to couture fashion for intricate garments that are
made entirely by hand for the catwalk, and only for a small group of fashion

Today we’re sharing some of the traditions and handcrafts that our favourite brands are using, while re-thinking and making space for new trends to emerge to transform modern women into confident and responsible buyers.

Fashion phenomena can bring people together, while at the same time celebrate individual styles that reflect our personal values

Renowned for its refined and elegant
garments, entirely Made in Italy, the
Momoni collections stand out for their
relaxed but feminine and sophisticated
style. Momonì brings tailoring and
Italian artisanship to everyday life.
Personal creativity and expression,
which are among the main brand values,
are skilfully weaved in every garment. 


design, texture and unusual combinations of colour or exclusive prints. Trusted local artisans are bringing together traditions and innovation to create sophisticated but wearable garments. most often defined as "relaxed elegance”.

Discover Momoni Spring Summer new arrivals

Nina Leuca 
Nina Leuca, founded in 2016 by Benedetta Rossi (Nina), is a sustainable,luxury brand from the southern Italian region of Apulia. The garments inspired by the region are handmade and represent the perfect balance between tradition and
originality. Using the still vivid loom technique, combined with pure stone-
washed linen and handmade embroidery, they deliberately create special pieces that are slightly different for a limited production. The small team of tailors is made up of local women who work with care and love in the Nina Leuca studio, hand in hand with the main designer, to ensure that the essence of this country rich in colour and happiness is reflected in every design and pattern.

My Sleeping Gypsy
Inspired by the Ukrainian tale of Vyshyvanka's dress, which passes from mother to daughter to protect her, the creations of My Sleeping Gypsy are designed to bring good luck and protect the wearer from negative influences. In a great blend of Slavic heritage and contemporary influences, the luxurious creations of My Sleeping Gypsy combine imaginary realms with the real world.

Each creation of My Sleeping Gypsy requires weeks of work and thousands of
meters of embroidery, steeped in stories representing Slavic culture and its deep
spiritual meaning. Each model is individually handcrafted in the heart of Kiev, using
a conscious selection of animal-free materials. My Sleeping Gypsy uses only
luxurious, natural materials such as linen and silk. Whereas linen is sourced locally,
silk is processed from recycled garments.

My Sleeping Gypsy is an experimental studio where art and fashion merge together. Here contemporary artists meet traditional craftsmen to create timeless clothing that looks unique, yet is easy to wear. My Sleeping Gypsy works with painters in Ukraine, who discuss designs with pattern makers. The artisans develop sketches that are executed in appliqués and cross- stitching. The aim is to keep old traditions and craftsmanship alive. My Sleeping Gypsy knows every seamstress and craftsman who works for the brand personally. The fashion label cares about the people and the environment in which the designers work. My Sleeping Gypsy buys materials locally and, at the same time, supports small craft communities.

Mul_Olga promotes and encourages women to express their individuality. The designer of the Mul_Olga fashion label, is the woman without borders - she was born in Ukraine, lived in Germany, and got married in Italy! Her experience - she is a trained teacher of embroidery and graduated fashion design from Istituto Marangoni (Milan) - influences the brand's wonderful  and made designs. Olga's style inspires women to bring a conscious and sustainable approach to fashion into reality.

Mul_Olga is distinguished by her luxurious antique Ikat and Suzani coats, as well as her own creations made partly from recycled fabrics.
Buy Mul_Olga spring coats

The Jacksons charming and durable bags are designed by Louise in Notting
Hill, London. The garments become lovingly hand knotted by the talented
artisans in southwest Bangladesh using an ancient macramé technique and dyed with azo-free colours. The bags are made of the "golden fibre of Bangladesh," and are therefore 100% vegan. The jute fibre is harvested by hand without any use of machines.
Buy your summer bag from the charming Jacksons collection and support women in Bangladesh with your purchase.

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