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The ByAdushka Poppy & Daisy Capsule Collection

The ByAdushka Poppy & Daisy Capsule Collection

By Hannah Campbell

We can’t wait to share ByAdushka's ‘Poppy & Daisy’ Summer 2023 collection with you! This collection is a tribute to the beauty and grace of the English summer countryside and the esteemed English heritage brand, Liberty London. These collections comprise a range of romantically feminine dresses, blouses, shorts and lightweight summer trousers, all created with the authentic British Liberty prints. This collection is named after the ‘Poppy & Daisy’ print designed by Liberty. It features delicate outlines with distinct colors, creating a meadow-like appearance. These intricate details in Liberty’s print design make these pieces both elegant and eye-catching. This specific design was introduced into the Liberty archives in the early 1900s.


The entire ‘Poppy & Daisy’ collection stands for high quality and the pieces are made 100% with Tana Lawn™ cotton fabric, which dates back to the late 1890s when Liberty began experimenting with cotton lawn, known for its softness and durability.  Perfected by generations of Liberty experts, this fabric is a true masterpiece that gives a fine, cool comfortable material to wear with exceptional reproduction properties. Tana cotton is named after its birthplace Lake Tana in Ethiopia, where the famous unique long-staple cotton was originally introduced. Today, Liberty produces Tana Lawn™ in its own Italian mill near Lake Como, where skilled technicians combine traditional screen printing with cutting-edge digital printing techniques. It is beloved for its versatility of being suitable for a wide range of different products including homeware, accessories, clothing, and artworks.


Liberty Fabrics prints have become synonymous with the brand’s rich heritage and distinctive style. Today Liberty prints are celebrated worldwide, often referred to as ‘soie Liberty’ in France and associated with the Art Nouveau movement as ‘Stile Liberty’ in Italy. We are aware of the responsibility that comes with using Liberty prints and have made every effort to respect the brand’s history and tradition while creating a modern and stylish collection to meet your expectations.



Karin Kämpf, founder of ByAdushka takes pride in having our entire collection manufactured in a traditional workshop in the region of Venice. Our production atelier is a family run business with a long history of producing high-quality garments.


Discover our ‘Poppy & Daisy’ Summer 2023 collection available now in our concept stores in Baden, Basel, Bern and Zürich and also online! 


See you there,
Addi xoxo 

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