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My Sleeping Gypsy - Migration Collection

My Sleeping Gypsy - Migration Collection

By Hannah Campbell

My Sleeping Gypsy was born from the inspiration of the traditional Ukrainian Vyshvanka’s dress, which embodies good luck and is believed to protect the wearer from negative influences. In a world of mass production My Sleeping Gypsy stands out as a brand exemplifying the principles of sustainable craftsmanship and cultural heritage. They have embedded the spirit of peace, freedom, and hope into their latest ‘Migration Collection’ by incorporating motifs that symbolize their desire for a better future and are experts in creating an emotional connection with the wearer.

Each piece is designed to inspire customers to cherish what they wear by making mindful choices which contribute towards a more sustainable future. Made by the MSG team, each piece is infused with a passion for cultural heritage and unity while empowering, inspiring, and protecting those who choose to wear them.


The new ‘Migration Collection’ is no exception- a capsule collection which emerged embodying freedom and peace in the wake of the Ukrainian war.
The MSG team along with millions of women and children felt forced to leave their homeland in search of safety. The collection is a poignant tribute to the journey of these refugees, poetically linking the experiences of women and children leaving Ukraine to the migratory journeys of birds. Just as migrating birds seek protection from harsh winters and sustenance in different lands, they too yearn for safety and nourishment in foreign territories while cherishing the desire to return to their place of origin.

The wild horse motif represents freedom and hope, while combined motifs of peace and freedom reflect the brand’s aspirations for Ukraine and the world. The collection draws inspiration from the enigmatic painting of the British artist Sophie Wake, whose raw sentiment is perfectly aligned with MSG’s intentions for this collection.

Sophie Wake is a contemporary artist based in Ashburn, Devon, UK. She has cultivated her creative journey through diverse experiences in different artistic and design methods. After her BA in Graphic Design and Illustration, she worked as a freelance illustrator. Sophie’s artistic path eventually led her to embrace the transformative power of meditation and the ancient ritual of tree tea ceremonies, influencing her artistic process. She delves into imagination in quiet moments of contemplation, drawing inspiration through somatic experiences. Her influences are from Shamanism, African rock art, ancient clay models and Greek pottery and celebrates the essence of basic human emotions in simple and authentic forms.

In the realm of conscious clothing choices, My Sleeping Gypsy believes in making a positive contribution to our shared environment. Each creation takes weeks to create and is made up of thousands of meters of embroidery, steeped in Slavic culture and storytelling. Each piece resonates a deep spiritual connection, handcrafted in the heart of Kiev on a base of natural linen and silk fabric.

They advocate for better clothes, rather than more clothes and embrace the importance of their small role in the fashion industry. Known for their captivating embroideries they honor the knowledge of past generations and seek to reconnect people with their roots, appreciating the slow, imperfect, and anthropological aspects of life. They understand the importance of sourcing their materials locally and support small artisan communities.

Their aesthetics are inspired by the rebellious spirit of the ‘70s, the remarkable Janis Joplin giving a bohemian feel to each piece of clothing. They recognize the power in infusing their designs with a sense of freedom and strength, by creating silhouettes which embrace the natural change in our bodies and by incorporating intricate ornaments to communicate messages of peace, love, harmony, and balance.

They have partnered with the NGO ‘Peace Dividend Initiative’ supported by the Chancellerie d’Etat de Geneve, AHH Agency and ‘Angel for Fashion’, to organize the ‘United for Peace’ Gala. The fundraising took place in October 2022 in Geneva. The mutual goal was to support and connect Ukrainian fashion companies with European investors, providing opportunities for support, scholarships, and mentoring programs. Through this initiate, Ukrainian designers have the necessary support to secure livelihoods and foster growth in the industry, under the challenging circumstances Ukraine faces today. Discover and support more Ukrainian artisans and brands through ‘Angel for Fashion’

Let’s contribute to a more peaceful world and become part of a narrative that celebrates craftsmanship, empowers individuals, and envisages a better future, by wearing My Sleeping Gypsy.

See you there,
Addi xoxo
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