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Olivia Dar

Olivia Dar

by Hannah Campbell 

Hold on tight, as we dive into the inspiration behind these eccentric
little pieces by Olivia Dar!

Born in Italy and raised in London and Paris, Olivia Dar’s cosmopolitan background and passion for travel, has led her to India. After studying filmmaking in Paris and Montreal, she enrolled in a gemology course in Jaipur, which is where her initial inspiration for the Indian craftsmanship evolved. Since then, she has been intrigued to know more about the rich heritage of the Indian textiles and has dedicated herself to persevering and developing traditional Indian techniques, infusing them with her aesthetics. As she settled in India, her journey began by designing embroideries and accessories for haute couture labels such as Christian Lacroix. Later, in 2011 she founded her own brand named ‘Olivia Dar’. Her Atelier is nestled among the bustling streets of New Delhi, where she provides a safe haven for her artisans. As a women-owned and run company, Olivia Dar is deeply committed to creating a safe and supportive workspace for her employees.

Olivia’s brand stands apart by offering unique, quirky pieces that defy trends. She draws inspiration from various themes, whether it’s the vibrant world of tropical birds or the beauty in various places she has travelled to, her pieces always revolve around storytelling.

Through research, sketches and careful consideration of materials colors, beads and threads, Olivia ensures that every element of is align with her vision. Once her designs are finalized, she collaborates with skilled embroiderers, primarily from Jharkhand, UP, Bihar and Bengal region, who have inherited this cherished skill through generations. These artisans have a wide range of diverse hand embroidery techniques, allowing Olivia to capture the essence of traditional Indian embroidery with each handcrafted piece.   

By establishing her own brand, Olivia was able to showcase her distinctive and eccentric taste. With her small sustainable brand, she prioritizes a holistic business practice that goes way beyond the latest trends. Even before sustainability became a trend, she recognized the importance of being mindful of resources and ensuring the well-being of her team.

Having experience both in the world of high fashion and the challenges of running an independent business, Olivia Dar understands the differences between big cooperation’s and small brands. She recognizes that larger, profit-driven companies are unlikely to prioritize ethically sustainable practices. Olivia highlights, that smaller businesses like hers, can effortlessly incorporate such practices by sourcing and producing locally.  

By supporting Olivia Dar, you’ll become part of a journey that celebrates heritage, empowers artisans, and embraces the quirkiness in fashion.

See you there,
Addi xoxo


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