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Most Cozy Knitwear to Lounge in This Winter Holidays

Most Cozy Knitwear to Lounge in This Winter Holidays

Most Cozy Knitwear to Lounge in This Winter Holidays

As we enter a calm and peaceful winter holiday season, with the hopes of enjoying our stay at home, with a beautiful view. What's better than a quality loungewear set? 

Just jump into a wonderful, endlessly cozy sweater and live in them! Never wanting to change into anything else again… The truth is, matching loungewear sweats and sets, truly make you feel like you just have it all together. Even if the world crumbles around you, having control over one tiny thing in our lives solves absolutely nothing but hey... at least we have something to hold on to. Hope! It's the little things that count, right? Right. These days, we are focused on more harmonious days ahead, whether it's in sweatpants, hoodies, joggers, sweatshirts, trousers, or sweatshirts, anything that's soft and stylish (and that can double as PJs) is more than enough for us! Extra points if it's tie-dye, too! This is the reason for us, carefully scouting our Designers. We searched for the most comfortable and coolest matching sets to lounge in, something that you can even attend all the festivities in. Not too long ago, we enjoyed the start of our holidays in the calmness of the mountains, covered in white snow. Don't worry, nobody is going to know if you wore the set to bed!

While we were awake...

While we're up, we might as well slip into cool and comfy sets, right? Isn't it the best thought to wake up early in the morning and put on a pair of soft and cozy knitwear, or even in the afternoon, to quickly throw on a knit vest to head out to the market to buy a little something... The whole day, casually going about your day in harmony, wearing comfort without compromising a good look. All in a minimal, timeless and seasonless one size look, completely effortless, but chic. 

By Adushka

Our unique, special and timeless designed lounge wear collection was born, as so desired by so many of our friends, for materials that are individualistic, and also suitable for those that suffer with allergies, or suited for those who can not or do not want to wear animal fibers. This collection meets the highest standards of comfort and design. The minimalist, timeless, seasonless design and the circular knit fabrication, that doesn't disturb the seams, is already convincing enough for us. It makes the entire collection worthwhile and some of our new, favorite pieces that we would never take off. It was made just for us in Reggio Emilia, right in the heart of Italy by a knitting factory. This loungewear collection brings endless comfort, something that allows us to enjoy the days without limits. All our items can be combined with each other and are available in neutral shades like black and mist.





Snuggly lounge sets are essential. These ones are from our beloved Venice-based, Italian family-run brand, Momonì. These fits are not just super soft (seriously, so soft) but also incredibly versatile. Wear them to run errands or while you spend the day relaxing by the warm and well-lit fire-place. It's an upgraded version of a basic sweater, and super stylish and feminine, with puff sleeves and a great roomy fit, ultra-comfy material, and an endless number of opportunities to wear it. The best part is that no two sets are alike. All pieces are made in batch and hand-dyed so this makes it extra unique and special. 



Casual loungewear is great, but have you ever worn a loungewear set that looks like a dress-up outfit? Wear it as a stand-alone outfit for your next to chill session, or pair it with a button down shirt or turtleneck underneath for a more appropriate look. Just because you are at the office, at home relaxing, shopping, enjoying yourself in the hotel lobby, it doesn't mean that you can't stroll around in loungewear!



We can never have too many patterned sets. Thankfully, this one checks all of our boxes. Stylish fit? Check. Cozy as can be? Double check. Cool pattern? Triple check.



Fluffy Shearling Teddy Fleece

Fake fur, The teddy coat you know and love. Beautifully cuddly, warmly-wrapped and at the same time super chic are a few of the items that stand out by Phisique du Role. Our latest include the cult vest from the Scandinavian label Baum und Pferdgarten (fall/winter 2020/21), teddy fleece has gained a new reputation. As we search for the most warm and soft materials this winter. Our Teddy Fleece pieces like the chic Veste by Phisique du Role can mix and match both sporty and feminine elements. They look classic and edgy with all our loungewear sets and maxi scarves! If you are in need of a cuddle, then this is just what you need....




Phisique du Role

If you are looking for an easy coat solution that you can wear on lazy Sunday, indoors OR something for the outdoors, that fits perfectly well with your lounge wear set, opt for a shell soft shearling fake fur vest from Phisique du Role. You can wear this vest both as sports wear to your next visit to the gym, over blazers or dresses to the office, as well as when relaxing or watching a Netflix show with your loved ones. Plus, it makes a wonderfully slim silhouette. And did we mention how comfortable they are?



Every closet needs one luxe cashmere scarf. But how many have disappointed us with annoying peeling? Discover the next elevated cashmere Generation from our label The Key Tō Dean. We guarantee endless cashmere pleasure without any peeling, thanks to luxurious Italian high end quality which is made in Germany's oldest traditional family run knitting factory. It's extremely soft, perfectly warm, and looks super chic for every occasion. We love to wrap ourselves in these beautiful, cozy stoles at home, on the airplane, during our yoga Sessions and they are always with us on every Trip...With its different neutral hues — sand, light pink and emerald — and versatility to be dressed up or down, this one is precisely the one your closet has been missing: Cashmere.



It's a way of dressing that's as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the body - what could be better than slipping into a cozy soft sweater, bell-sleeved cardigan or turtleneck dress in warm, eco-merino wool that feels like your coziest loungewear? Comfort is priority and makes us one with the tranquility of nature.




Take your time. Enjoy the harmony of wearing knitwear




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