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Discover the magical and colorful world of Flabelus

Discover the magical and colorful world of Flabelus

Discover the colorful shoe that brings the classic Spanish footwear to a new level. Let your shoes do the talking!


“Flabelus is a part of my imagination, what I think, what I dream”


Flabelus, the Spanish brand of Venetian slippers, has taken the fashion world by storm, selling even in the Hamptons. Beatriz de los Mozos is the driving force behind this success story. Despite studying law and working in the field for two years, she felt unfulfilled. 


Seeking a new challenge, she ventured into the fashion industry with Flabelus. Inspired by a trip to Venice, where she fell in love with Venetian slippers, Beatriz saw a business opportunity. While her initial idea involved two friends, it was Beatriz who carried it forward, blending her passion for fashion with her entrepreneurial spirit.



Despite initial challenges, including modifying the traditional design to address her own back problems, Beatriz persisted, eventually establishing Flabelus as a thriving brand known for its unique style and sustainable practices. Today, Flabelus continues to expand, with plans for further growth and global recognition, driven by Beatriz's unwavering dedication and vision.



Flabelus is a magical realm where shoes embody literary characters. Founded in 2020 with Castilian roots, they craft sustainable footwear in Spain, blending traditional techniques with modern needs. With a passion for local design, they reshape timeless styles to meet the community's desires for edgy yet durable footwear. Flabelus marries delicate simplicity with top-notch craftsmanship, offering timeless staples with a Rock 'n' Roll edge.



Their vibrant designs inspire all tastes, blending tradition with innovation. Committed to environmental and social responsibility, Flabelus champions entrepreneurship and community trust from the outset.


Discover the collection now!

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