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Chasing Cas Gasi

Chasing Cas Gasi

I recently embarked along my dear friends on a remarkable journey to Cas Gasi in sunny Ibiza, where nature's beauty intertwines with luxurious experiences. Cas Gasi is a boutique hotel that reflects the rural charm of its exceptional location and it does so sustainably. The beautiful old country house dates back to 1880 and is named after the family who owned it for generations.

Our days were filled with invigorating beach hikes and walks, offering breathtaking views of the island's pristine coastline.

But the true gem of the trip was the hotel’s No Dig Garden, a heavenly landscape where they meticulously harvest ingredients for all their culinary masterpieces. We were lucky to be taken on a tour by the hotel’s very own architect!

Around the island, we enjoyed visiting the renowned hippie market in Las Dalia. It offers a vibrant atmosphere and a wide array of artisanal goods, clothing, jewelry, and live music, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a taste of the island's bohemian culture.

Dining was an exceptional delight at Cas Gasi hotel, as we shared a meal with Head Chef Michael Bernocchi, savoring locally sourced, delectable dishes. He even taught us about fermentation, a key technique for sustainable food preservation.

Adding to the charm around us, we adorned ourselves in elegant pieces from ByAdushka which seamlessly blend fashion and nature. Brands like Injiri, Kleed, Guanabana and ByAdushka are always staples when I’m on vacation.

This adventure was a harmonious symphony of relaxation and exploration, leaving us with cherished memories of Ibiza's magic.



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