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Celebrating the Year's End: Unveiling the Resurgence of Hag and Witch Culture in Fashion

Celebrating the Year's End: Unveiling the Resurgence of Hag and Witch Culture in Fashion

As we bid adieu to the old year and eagerly welcome the promises of a new one, let's immerse ourselves in the mystical realm of hag and witch culture. Drawing inspiration from the divine essence of Hag, the Norse Witch of Dissolution and Letting Go, we uncover a rich tapestry of empowerment and rebellion against authority and patriarchy. As the moon phases transition, and the sun returns with the full moon, they symbolize the promise of happiness and success in the coming year—a perfect commencement embodied by the spirit of Hag.

A notable source of inspiration is Maria Grazia Chiuri's approach at Dior, echoing empowerment and rebellion synonymous with witch culture. Chiuri consistently challenges traditional norms, celebrating the strength of women in her designs. In the spring/summer 2024 collection, she explores female stereotypes from witches to 19th-century Parisiennes.

Within the fashion realm, ByAdushka proudly showcases designers Anaak and Litkovska, each encapsulating the essence of a modern, powerful woman connected with spirituality, living a contemporary lifestyle.

Anaak draws inspiration from Igor Stravinsky's Firebird ballet, utilizing a palette that shifts from pale ecru to fluoro pink, mirroring emotional pivots seen in Bakst's designs. Anaak's pieces symbolize rebirth, beauty, and magic—themes resonating as we embark on a new year.

Litkovska, a Kiev-born designer, merges minimalist and urban aesthetics with feminine elements, embodying a strong yet sophisticated style. As the "Best Designer of the Year" according to ELLE Ukraine, Litkovska's pieces exemplify feminine power and androgynous elegance, reminding us of the strength and resilience of women. The SS24 collection, named "Rebirth," underscores the importance of community, honesty, and openness.

Celebrate the Raunächte—the magical time between the years—with Hag as we transition into the new year.

The power of Hag's fragrance lies in its ability to create a calming atmosphere, freeing us from stress and worries. Ideal for the year's end, the scent stimulates our senses, promoting creativity and concentration.

Rituals have always been integral to human life, especially at the year's end. They help us connect with ourselves, others, and the world. Integrating Hag's scent into our rituals enhances the positive effects on our well-being. Lighting incense sticks or burning incense becomes a symbolic act, focusing on intentions, releasing negativity, and making space for positive changes.

Remember, while Hag's scent and rituals support us, the true transformation comes from developing our inner strength. These practices can accompany us on the path to achieving our goals, fostering balance and resilience.

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